Beemz Needed

i haz receevinged dis frum Tortiemom77:  


My sister has written me that her oldest grandson is in serious need of prayers.  His name is Josh.  I don’t believe she wants any more information to be made public.


Tricia aka tortiemom77

23 thoughts on “Beemz Needed

  1. ohai TM77! yu noes Ai lubs yu and by eggstenshun, awl yur fambily, sew Ai am cranking up teh beem masheen from dis side uv teh State uv Misery…..
    BEEMS fur Josh and awl hoo lubs him!

  2. Thank all of you for your wonderful comments of support and assurance.
    Bayshang, noodle, turtlol, Maryqos, neenerbeener, icanhasanimlols, SuburbanPrairie, JuneyB and good old Anonymous, your comments mean SO much to me personally. My sis is touched that people all over the world are praying for her grandson. He underwent more tests and procedures, and they expect to hear the results in a week to 10 days. That’s all I know for now, but I will keep you posted. Thank you so much again.

  3. Prayers and beems and more prayers for Josh and family. Both for the outcome, and for peace and comfort during the waiting for news (on of the hardest parts, I think…). Please let us know how he does.

  4. Thanks also to shepmawm and africat. Yes, the writing for test results is a strain, possibly the biggest drain of all. As soon as I hear anything, I will let you all know. It means more to me than I can tell you to have this sense of community support!

  5. UPDATE: Josh is home doing college homework via computer, although he did have to drop one class from his load. Also, he was able to take a shower yesterday (they’ve installed a port) so that’s another sigh of progress. My sis and other family members are starting to resume some normal activities again.
    We are all SO grateful to everyone, and ask that you continue to hold him in your thoughts and prayers.
    Thanks to all of you from me, tortiemom, too!

  6. Fankeez, turtlol nd ebbrybunny. Mai siscat roted mii dis mawnin dat wen hii wuz inna klinnik yestiddy 4 a kemo sesshun, fibe memberz uv d Deetroyt Lyunz kaym in 4 ottograffz nd sutch. Dat wuz a kikk eebn iffenz a purrsun wuzznt a futzbawl fan! Ebbryfing seemz 2 B goin awryte, sew ai fankz yoo awl 4 awl yore prayrz nd hoap yoo will kornsidder keeping us “on yore liszt.”

  7. Hi, everybody! Another good update to share. Josh is doing well, continuing with computerized college classes and also doing a few classroom classes when they don’t interfere with his appointments and even working some at his part-time job when it doesn’t involve too much heavy lifting! Thanks from all of his family (that includes me!) for your continued support.

  8. Latest word is this: Josh’s WBC was “only a little off so they can continue his protocol right on schedule, and the best part is that his cough is “quite a bit better”!!

  9. WOOT! WOOT! Mai siscat wrote this morning that Josh’s most recent scan showed “nearly complete response to therapy”! Just THINK – that’s less than THREE MONTHS! Now there are only two small traces showing up where the Big Ugly had been originally, and even they show “significant decrease in metabolic activity”!

  10. Today my siscat wrote to say that Josh is considered DISCHARGED from any more outpatient radiation sessions! ‘They even issued a joke “certificate” saying that he no longer had to brave the weather and juggle his school and work schedules to come in for any more treatments! Thank you SO MUCH from Josh and his entire family for your faithful prayers. Just FIVE MONTHS from diagnosis to full discharge!!!

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