Baby Luke

Dis am frum our belubbed Muchcat:

My dotter rote this for her FB page, to honor her son and to keep his keep memory alive. He was so very precious and I couldn’t possibly have written anything better than this. Go well, dear little grandson.

Sunday, September 21, Jason and I lost our first baby, our son Luke. He was born at 19 weeks and 1 day, and his little body just wasn’t ready for the world. I normally don’t share a lot on fb, but feel so compelled to tell the whole world of my baby boy’s existence. He was real, and whole, and perfect. He looked just like his daddy, and had his mama’s pointy elbows. We had about 22 precious hours with him after he was born sleeping. I want people to know that the intense pain we feel still cannot compare to the profound joy we experienced while growing little Luke inside my belly. He was and is the meaning of my life. He had a presence that I cannot begin to describe, and that I will long for as long as I live. He flickered and fluttered in my belly, and changed my entire being. Luke, mama and daddy love you, sweet boy! Luke lights our way…

11 thoughts on “Baby Luke

  1. My heart iz wif yew adn yewr dottir, deer muchcat…
    >>>>>>>>>muchcat, dottir, adn teh sweet anjul Baby Luke………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{muchcat adn famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. So much grace in the face of such profound pain….my heart and prayers go out to Luke and his family. Little one will indeed light your way until you hold him again. Blessings and comfort to all of you.

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