Cheezpeep in need

Ohai deer peepz!!

A thotful cheezpeep haz sendinged mii a request fur halp fur a fellow cheezpeep hoo am in dire need uv halpz.  Shii sed:

Ai haz a reekwest tu see if ai can git sum halp for owur frend CB in Noo Yawk.  (Not tu be comfused wif de peep naimd CatBurgh hoo alsotoo goze bai CB, aifink.)
Ai haz a egstreemly consirnd abowt hur.  Hur prollim iz dat she had tu frow owt de comfurtur adn blankeez awn hur bed coz kittehz poopd adn peep awn dem (much moar dan wunst) adn she cud nawt git de smell owt no maddur wut, adn she duz nawt haz enuff munnees tu git noo wunz. So nao she haz got ownly a sleepin bag tu keep warm.
Ai wuz wundrin if wii kin taik up a collekshin tu git sum blankies adn a set ob sheetz for hur (izza standard size) sints berry cold wevver iz comin soon in NY. (She haz heets in de apt butt ai dunawt fink it iz ebber warm enuff adn she cannawt controle de temp.) She haz sed dat a elektrik blanket iz nawt a good ideer bekuz ob de kittehz, so ai wuz finking regular inekspensib butt warm fleesy blankeez.  It duz nawt maddur wut dey lookz liek oar de culler, only dat dey iz warm.  (And dat dey iz eezy tu lawndur, just in caise.)
Tu halps CB u kin uze deh PayPal to sending hur munnies.  Wen u am logged in tu PayPal,  click on “Send and Request”, then “Send Money to friends and family”, then enter deh emayo addy mimeecellar @ gmail dot com (using standard internet formatting)  and deh amount u wanting to send hur.  Deh munnies goes strait to CBz account so shii kin buying deh bedding dat shii b needing.

22 thoughts on “Cheezpeep in need

  1. Woot! Woot! Will do, and I’ll also write her asking if she’d write to me purrsunallee so I could get her mailing address, kuz DATS WOT AI DO!!!! Eberybody who wants to contribute monies should still go ahead, right now, cuz she needs stuff IMMEDIATELY and kwilties take time to make, but I MAKE QUILTIES ALLA TYME FUR MAI HOBBEE!!! Mine would jist B eggstraw! Mostly I make my kwilteez out of upcycled woolen garments for warmth (and therefore not washable), but I awreddy haz more fleeces than Ceiling Cat (ask Roofie, she knows!) and I can whomp up something datz washabobblol for her that is allsew warm!!! I’ve done that before for friends whose many goggies sleep onna bed wif dem, so they need to be washed frequently. Woot! Woot! tm hazzan eggsyted! *(heads off to storage unit where all the sewing stuffz is stored!)* Oh, boy, dis is FUN, doin sumpin for anuvver cheezie!!!

  2. I will, also, but for future reference (I have a furbabee who has a particular throw rug he likes) vinegar helps a LOT.

    • There’s also another astonishing product you can obtain from your local chemical supply company. Every company would carry its own brand name. Whatever it might be called, it’s some kind of enzyme product which breaks down the “offensive body product” so that there’s nothing there to smell any more. My chemical supplier said that they use something like it in all nursing homes, jails, hospitals and animal shelters to conk out the smell of poop, pee and barf. I donated some to the local animal control officer and she was thrilled with how well it worked in their facility. The brand i got smells a little like licorice. You can either dilute it greatly in a spray bottle for oopsies on the carpet or else dilute it in a laundry load, too. That darn stuff works, too!. You should have seen my old tomcat sniffing around, like, “HEY! Didn’t I just MARK around her somewhere, just yesterday?!? Where was it?” It’s landlord-proof! Has saved many a deposit!

  3. I can halps! Adn, wen ai hadda kitteh taht was peeing on owr bed, ai resortid to a big sheet uv plastik to pit on de bed wen we wasn’t innit. {{{CB}}}

    • I’ll bet that worked great! If there’s one thing a kitty wouldn’t want, it would be to have their own pee on their feet where they made a depression in the soft bed top! GREAT idea! Boop, boop!

  4. Ohai gyz! Yesh tortiemom am a furrious whompurr upper ob warm warm kwiltiez!! Adn she du habbs elebenty twelbitty in hur howsie! 😀

    CB am gonna lubb teh warmie warmie wun tm am whomping up! \o/

    Dat tm whomped awp free oar foar kwiltiez whylol ai whirrd wiff hur in atween dewing stuff tugather that nawt had nuffin tew du wiff enneh kwilting!!!!! (She am a wun-wummin toarnaydur ob accomplishink stuff (adn i hoap summa dat rubbed awf awn mii!)) 😉

  5. Ai wud likes to know what that remover of offensive body oder stuff is – Kitty pee needs to be collected and use to fuel cars or sumfing cause iz powerful.

    Recently I bot SCOE 10X – and you mix it with water to make 32 ounces – haven’t lused it yet – my worst time is in winter when I can’t leave the back door open so kitties can go to the dog pen to do their busniss.

  6. tm sendinged mii dis pixor uv deh kwilty shii made fur CB.

    shii sez:

    Hiya! I finished it this afternoon! Man, oh man, is it ever WARM! I have an “Army blanket” type liner PLUS a layer of regular quilt batt, along with the two layers of polar fleece.

    • O, fankeez, mai leedje! I’d never have been able to figure out how to do that!

      This measures 54X60 inches not counting fringe ties. i washed the woolen blanket in hot water and put in in the dryer for an hour to pre-shrink the woolen blanket layer. That way CB can launder it without fear of shrinking, and if she’s allergic to wool it won’t make any difference because it’s inside the fleece layers. Serena went and laid on it immediately, of course, but the second I got my camera out she ZOOMED into the kitchen! Silly girl!

  7. {{{{CB}}}} I use a brand name enzyme product “Out!” that I buy at Wal-Mart. The only problem I had with it is that it doesn’t come in a 55 gallon barrel!

    • Summuv d stuffz dat werked 4 mii nd d annymule shellter gawt sent alawng in d bawx wif d kwiltee. D poast man sed she’d habz it by Loloween!!! Ai hoap dat CB telz us haow it werks fur hur, 2.

      • Oh deer. I missed dis opportunity, but I wanted to add dat ob awl the produkts owt there dat I hab tried (enzyme and other), teh wun fing dat remoobs pet odors wifowt fail iz baking soda, but yew gawt tu be aggresive withit. I don’t mean teh detergents dat contains just uh liddlol bit in dem, I mean baking soda and water, straight, and in high doses. Foar under $2.00, (less dan $1.00 for generic, which iz ‘zaklee da same) yew can put uh hole bawks ob it inna (bath) tub of water and swish teh linenz and bed cubberz and anyfing else innit. I wish dat I had seen dis earlier tu sendz muneez, but maybe my two-cents will halp nao.

        • Ohai, snc. Yup, baking soda’s wonderful stuff; that’s good advice and the cheapest/readiest available.

          BTW, CB and I have been emailing from time to time since this request for help was posted and she said that thus far her critterz have not been peeing on either her new quilt nor anything else, so she’s not had to try out the little bottle of stuff I sent her. Woot! Woot!

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