Thanx frum CB

CB haz sendinged mii dis thank u note.

Ohai MJ,

Due to my not-so-terrific state of mind & being generally poor @ computer stuff, I haven’t been able to log onto the Cryer.

So could I ask just one more favor?

Would you be so kind as to let folks there know how very, very grateful & touched I am by their generosity & kindness to me? I did thank each person (except one whose paypal transaction didn’t include a name or email address) individually but wanted to make sure my eternal gratitude is “on record.”

Thank you, my dear Cween.

I hope that you & the Royal Famblee are all well.

Mim (CB)


4 thoughts on “Thanx frum CB

  1. Sew hur am awl warm n sayf n stuffs? *whew* {{{{{CB}}}}} {{{{{Ebrywun Hoo Wuz Ablol Tu Halps CB}}}}} Cheezpeeps am wunnurmus! ❤

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