TortieMom77 haz a noo Shop

  1. HOO sez dat a owld goggie can’t lurn noo trix?!?!?

    Wiffa bow to Elsa_Mama and TeenyKat fur inspiration, tm77 is SEW glad to announce dat she hazza noo website ON ETSY!!! Woot! Woot!

    You can go to and type in my shop name, which is (koff, koff) 77heartlandtreasures (can you stand it?!?) orrrr, I GUESS you can also use this: .

    You night recognize the most recent quiltie wif a tiger stripe backing! YAY!

3 thoughts on “TortieMom77 haz a noo Shop

  1. Ooh, fankeez mai cween! Haow nyse of yoo 2 postify this on the Cryer!

    For the goggie lubberz in the crowd, there will be a noo kwilt (red, black and white) on a black fleece that has white goggie paw prints on it; that should be finished and posted later today.

    Peeps, please feel free to forward that address to your other efriends, too. You never know who “has a friend who has a friend” who might enjoy seeing the many handcrafted items people have for sale on that site.

  2. Ohai, TM! Ai habs just returnd frum a bizzit tu yur gnu shoppe ober in teh land ub Etsy, adn may ai say, wut a byootimus playse it am! O, ai yam sew happeh fur yoo, deer frend! It still habs dat gnu-shoppe-smell, eben! *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff* Ahhhhhhhh, sew lubly! Ai wishez yoo much sucksess, adn thrawngz ub happeh custumurz! Cheerz! *clinkeez shampurrs glassez* Ai hastu go shoppink nao, kthxbai! ❤

  3. Ofankeez, SuburbanPrairie! Yoo haz gibben mii d leekee eyz! Toadily noo eggspeerEentz fur me, sew all your kind werds is SEW appreshee8d! (BTW, I can do custom quilts if you have a preference.)

    As time goes by and I learn how to manage the site, I hope to put up additional items over a wide price range: for example/ prints/giclees of one of my oil paintings, some jewelry, antique glassware and china, etc.

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