Mardi Gras

Ahoy Pikklolz!!!!

am on Tuezday, Feb 17 dis yeer. Yoo knoez wii will b sillybrating!!!! Dere will being a Parade AND a Party AND a Pre-Parade Prep AND a Post-Party Bash!!!

Deh funz will starting on deh 1 pm LOL az wii git reddy fur deh festibbities. U kin haz deh spa day and git yur harez dun at EMz Hairy Emporium. Go shopping fur ur Mardi Gras owtfit. Pick owt ur mask.

Deh Parade will b on deh 4 pm LOL. Haz ur float, or jazz band, etc readdy….donut furgetting deh beedz to throwing!!!!

After deh Parade, wii can haz a Party on deh 7 pm LOL. It am FAT Tuesday, so u bring on deh NOMZ!!!!!

After awl dat funs wii will need to relax, so wii will haz deh Post-Party LOL at 10 pm.


2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

  1. Rememmer, toozday is awlsew pancake day. Sew rememmer to put pancakes on the hedds ob eberywun being silly. I eggspect to end up wib elebenty.

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