Great Nooz!!

Dis am frum TortieMom:::

My siscat wrote me that her grandson has been FULLY DISCHARGED from his therapy! They even issued him a joke “certificate” signifying that it would no longer be necessary for him to brave the weather and juggle his work and school schedules to come in for therapy any more. HOORAY!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who remembered Josh and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

7 thoughts on “Great Nooz!!

  1. Josh izz deweun wehl, dass deh beyusst nooz yew kuud habs, GUUD foar thairaepee heyullpeun hym, mennee Congarats tew yew Josh!!

    {{{{{ Josh adn famblee adn Tortiemom }}}}}

  2. My sis wrote this morning that two oncology experts saw NO EVIDENCE of the original mass whatsoever on Josh’s final follow-up exam and they will be removing his port! Thank you SO much, everyone. My sis said she has been overwhelmed by all the people responding from prayer chains she never even knew about!

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