Inky Crosses deh Bridge

Dis am frum KCTailkinker.  Mai hart goez owt tu hur.  


Inky had been doing well for a 21 year-old kitteh but by Caturday he got nawt feeling well. Mai hart is borked. He went ober da Bridge Toosday morning.
Ai new he was leebing meh and Ai cried. Ai told him he cud go ober da Bridge to be wif his brudders and sisters and friends. Ai sed good bye and told him that he wuz da bestest kitteh.
Later, he passed and he is so missed and loved.
Thank you, Mai Cween!

19 thoughts on “Inky Crosses deh Bridge

  1. ohai, KCT…Ai hasa sad wif yu…… heer (hands a pritty hankee froo teh innertoobs) Ai needs wun, tu… Laurel’s Tabitha frum teh Cheezfrens went obber teh Bridge yesterday… tuu manny uv owr furbebbehs am leefing us…(sobs….runs awf tu cri)

  2. Oh, KCT, I am so sorry for your loss. Even though we know we had them to love for many, many years beyond what we may have expected, their loss is still sharp in our hearts.

    (I plan on being in KC in a couple of weeks. Is there any way we could get together? You can contact turtlol, the cween or kittynovich for my addie if that would work for you.)

  3. O deer KCT, ai hazza sowwy wif yoo too. Ai gnoes mai Shep bebbehs are gibbings him rides awl ober de Meadow sew hii can learn his wai arownd. De leebs us too soon, but sumday de reunions wills be glorious. Until den, yoor bebbeh will watch ober yoo and nebber ebber stawp lubbings yoo. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. {{{{KCT & Inky}}}} we are never ready to let our furrbabies go are we? I hope Inky will come by to visit yoou from time to time.

  5. Chekkin in an seeing dis. Am so sore ree u nawt haz ur Inky bebbeh tu snorgling an pat-at-petting ennymoars an lubbing u in purr son nawo. Mae ur hart-hole b filling wiv teh gud memrees. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{kctailkinker}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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