KittyRoo am Gonna Walk Fru deh Nite

Dis am frum KittyRoo:

Dear cheezfriends,

My sisters and I (and possibly a cheezie friend) will be walking in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk again this year.  Funds raised are used for research into causes and prevention of suicide, developing and distributing awareness and intervention materials, and supporting and counseling suicide survivors.

We walk together as all my siblings and I have some form of depression.  We remember friends who fight mental illness or have attempted suicide.  I especially will be thinking of my cheezfriends who are fighting against the dark and chaos, and those who have tried to leave the world.  I also carry close the memory of the Night Watchman, our cween’s boi, who inspired my first Overnight.

Donations may be made here:

10 thoughts on “KittyRoo am Gonna Walk Fru deh Nite

  1. ohai KittyRoo!
    Ai iz gunna send a czech donayshun in teh mail. Ai can has printed owt teh form to send it in your name. Ai duzzint do nuffin financial awn teh innertoobs (paranoid? hoo, me?) butt (!!!) Ai will gladlee donate tu dis berry gud cawz.
    Ai lawst mai husbin Randy in 1999 awn accownt uv he decided to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and it has affected me every day of my life ever since.
    Fankyoo fur doon dis gud fing!

    • Oh, turtlol, ai has such a sorry ur belubbed huzbing left u dis wai ❤ ai cannawt imajins the payns.
      Mai wokkin shirt has a place fur honorings – mai ai put Randy's name dere?

      Fankyu sew much fur the donashun.

  2. Kittyroo. Fankyews foar duing this. My fambilee adn ai haz teh deep reshun tu. Ai will send mai spirit tu walk wiv yu. Munniez iz nawt loose enuff tu gibs dis yeer. {{{awl peeps wiv teh deep reshun}}}

  3. ohai KittyRoo…. Ai sended teh peeps at teh playz sum munnies in teh maylol yesterday. Ai wisht it cood be moar but Ai iz pritty destitoot…destitude….desti…..borkt. Ai hasa prowd dat yu am gunna du dis and will wayt wif bayt breff tu heer how teh walkie goes.

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