ABikerToo Crosses deh Bridge

Our wunnerful frend, Dennis W. Brannaker, aka ABikerToo crossed deh Rainbow Bridge in March.

Hii wuz a wunnerful cheezfrend and tee peep hoo libbed in deh St. Louis area.  Hii was a kind and generous friend and will b missed bai menny uv us.

Here is a link to his obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/stltoday/obituary.aspx?pid=174773339

And this is a great portrait of him  http://virgilelliott.com/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=828


20 thoughts on “ABikerToo Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Wot?!? What a terrible shock! Eben tho I, too, live in the St. Louis area, I never had the chance to meet Dennis, which is a shame– He sounds like a wonderful and very interesting man. I learned from the obit that he was buried in the same military cemetery where my father-in-law was laid to rest a year ago. RIP, ABikerToo and deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  2. O, my! *crize* Ai lubbed Biker berryberry mutch. Hii always had sew mutch wisdom and compassion. Ai kno hii haz crossed teh bridj adn haz met up wif hiz belubbed keows, butt hii leebs a hole behind him heer.

  3. O mai leeky aiz! *snifflol* Ai feel like we lawst da grampaw ub da cheezes. Nobunny cud fracture da lolspeek like him….*snifflol* Such a loss. Bay yu got it sew rite. Heez wiff hiz keows nao. Rest In Peace yu gud gud man. Ai hoap yu am deejaying tu da angels……


  4. Mai belubbed Cween, ai yam sew sawree yoo hastu share such sadsadsad gnuz wiffus sumthymes. It must way awn yur hart *nods*. {{{{{{{{{{MJ}}}}}}}}}} Duz we noez, a tawl, ifn sumwun habs taykin in hims kitteh?

    Kthxbai, deer Biker. Ai lubbd teh storeez ub yur amayzin lyfe, adn ai lubbd yur passhun fur myooziks, adn ai lubbd teh HYOOJ lubs yoo had fur keowz adn fur yur frendz. Fanks fur sharing a bit ub yorslaf wif me. Ai will miss yoo. ❤

  5. Oh, mai eyes hazza leaky frum diz nooz! Biker wuz a sweet and wunderful hoomin bean, and sew funnee, tu! His lolspeek wus an artform, troolee!
    Go well into the Meddow, Biker!!

  6. Oh ai am broken hearted. I had no idea he had passed away. He was so sweet and loved us all so much. We were always so glad to see each other. I can’t even go to his memorial because I have to go a stupid thing with my MIL. We are having a cheezmeet on Sunday at the zoo, it won’t be the same with out our Biker with us. I’m just sitting here crying…..

  7. Oh yesh, hiz command uv Ohigh Lol wuz berry eggspansib. I haz bin missin him for mumffs adn now know why. 😥

    Rest in peace, my friend, and rise in glory.

  8. muchcat on June 5, 2015 at 5:25 am
    We were missing him, and ai knew he hadbin in adn owt of the horspittal in teh lastlast yeer. I feered teh worst. Ai googold his “reel” name adn finded the obit. 😿

    Not knows ennyfing elts. Ai hopeso Feistybutt was taked in by famly or frends.
    Dis link ai found am a nice portrair of hims adn a pixor frum hims biker daze. Has inneresting rite-up. http://www.joescafegallery.com/2012/11/eric-von-zipper-or-uncle-ugly.html?m=1

    Aihope teh last fing he ate was a boysenberry macaroon. He lubbed those boysenberries. Ai’m happy to fink of sutch a kind adn loving soul in teh meddow, helping the Night Watchman ‘work the door’.

  9. Dennis was funny and warm and always left great comments for the poems on sunovawot’s blog. He will be greatly missed by everyone. Dennis will truly be another rainbow for the bridge.

  10. Ai haz such a sad tu heer tihs gnus. Mai eeys, tehy leek. Biker wuz theer frum teh nawt-sekkund day ai fownd teh lolcats commyoonity adn tehn ai fownd him agen in teh TeaRoom adn got tu know whut a kind adn caring peep he wuz.
    Ai will miss him bery muchly. ❤

  11. Ai’z stunned, but nawt surprized. ABT had been in and out of hospitals for a year. Then suddenly he ‘disappeared’ from the Tea Room. I knew something was wrong, but I kept hoping he’d show up and say “it was just a little thing”. Ai haz no more werds cause my eyez iz so leaky adn my nose iz runnin off wif itself.
    Ride free and easy ABT.

  12. ai iz awlsew sorri 2 here da sad noose. him maid mi laff wen mai star died an he thot hur was a kitteh. star wood a bin proud 2 hab bin a kitteh. much luv 2 ur fambly an frendz. wheel miss u. lubz frum noodle.

  13. Ai can hasa stunned, still…. Tortiemahm towld me dis sad gnus as Ai wuz driving awna ohaiway, and neerley wented obber a REEL bridge, obber teh ribber! Ai wuz tu dun in…. Ai had tawked wif hims back in Febrooairee and him had been in and owt uv teh horsepistol, but Ai did nawt fink it wuz life or deth… neider did he. Not hearing from him regularly was not unusual for me; he had ongoing computer woes that kept him off teh innertoobs and he wasn’t big on phone conversations, either. In person is where you really got to see him shine.

    Dennis/ABT wuz a gud fren, a kind man, a mensch….a really, truly good soul. He had been a founding member of what is commonly known as a 1%’er bike club, but he was far, far away from being a “bad guy” like more 1%ers are known to be….. He had given me a turtlol light last year; it’s a solar powered light that I have in my garden. I always think of him when I see it, and now I will always remember the light that poured out from his heart when I see it lit up in the night garden…. knowing that he was so well-lubbed by teh Cheeze Nayshun is comforting.

    Vayo con Dios, Dennis…..

  14. Dis be very sad gnus. Thanks for letting us know. I am glad that somehow you or he found a way to inform us cheezies. At least we are not left wondering why he doesn’t comment anymore or something laik that. Farewell, Dennis, and enjoy the Meadow.

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