Kittehs tu deh V-E-T

Mai sincere apologies to Mamacat.  Shii sendinged mii dis emayo 4 days ago and sumhow it gotted losted and furgotted.  Mai bad.  😦

Anyway, here am hur nooz. 

Well, quite the morning already! Catching the cats went better than expected. I thought I would have trouble with Molly, but was able to reach down and grab her by the scruff of the neck and once I cradled her in my arms she was fine. That went the same for all, swoop, grab, cradle, walk over, fold front legs under them, into the carrier headfirst…..until I got to Sam. I was putting Sam and Shadow in one carrier together, and already had Shadow in there, so was trying to keep Shadow in while putting Sam in, and Sam took one look at the carrier and decided NOT. So, off he goes. I manage to get the door shut on Shadow, then spent another ten minutes coaxing Sam back to me. Better hold this time, and in he goes. Molly, in the meantime, is going nuts. She is NOT happy about this AT ALL.

Almost to town when it happens. Well, with FIVE cats in the van, for their first vehicle ride ever, I had kinda expected it, but OMG. Anyone who has experienced it knows what I am talking about, those who haven’t, well, you don’t know the stink of cat poop until you smell scared cat poop. Down go all the windows.

Kristi at the vets helps me get them all in, and we go on back to put them in their cages. One to a cage! Zebby, no problem. Isis, no problem. Molly? HOLY CRAP. She is INSANE. She zips past me to the floor and Kristi gets her cornered and I pick her up- scratch one. Back in the cage, slam the door. Sam, no problem. Shadow, no problem. Now, food and water for the day (surgeries are tomorrow). Again, four out of five, no problems. Molly once again escapes. This time I corner her in one of the empty dog kennels. Very carefully get her by the scruff of the neck. – scratch two. Back to the cage, in she goes and I start closing the door- whoosh, out she goes again. Sigh. Back to a different empty kennel. Repeat previous procedure. – Scratch three. Back to the cage, this time get door shut. Wow!

So, they are now at the vets, with water and food and litter box. Four of them are all settled down, wondering what is going on and what is this strange place. Molly? Molly is going insane trying to find a way out. I made sure and told Kristi to make a note that Molly may need to be sedated through the door tomorrow!!! And, to watch out when they take the food dishes out tonight!!!!

IN the meantime, Tippi and Pippi, Isis’ two, are looking a bit bereft- no Mama, no aunt Molly! The other four, Booger, Frosty, Shithead and Zebtu are looking for uncle Shadow and uncle Sam, but uncle Max is doing a good job entertaining all six. Tigger knows something is up, and is actually helping babysit.

So, they are at the Vets, ready to go. More on Thursday, when I bring them home!

Many thanks to all who have helped us with this job- We will have one more big boy to do, then we can start working on the little ones, as the money comes in. Thank you all so very much!!


And for those wishing to keep up with the cats at Four Winds,
you can look on the Book of Faces for Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary


3 thoughts on “Kittehs tu deh V-E-T

  1. Yup. Ai knoes bout scared kitteh poop. Omg. One year ai koralled 3 black kittens that had bin hangin around ware ai werked. Wuz okai until da boss noticed an den it was, sarah (aka me noodle), do sumfing wif dose kitties. Ai grabbed dem awl an put awl 3 in 1 cat carrier. Ai den had to drive awt 2 da werk site an wowie watt a smell from da bak seet. Dey awl had scared kitty diarrhea.
    Butt, ai got dem hoam later, kleened up an bribed anuthor craazy cat llady 2 take em an find dem hoams.
    It wuz klose 2 Halloween sew oui waited till it wuz safe.
    Butt, peeuuw, dat smell lingered.

    Gud job mamacat. Luv frum noodle.

  2. Ohai and bless you, MamaCat fore yore hard work an dedikayshun two dis off in fankless work to reduce da feral poploluation in such a humane way!

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