Emurginsee beemz needed

Dis distress call arrived frum JD:

Emurginsees nawt gud on chrissymus dai. Especially nawt at midnite.

Mai stepsun’s kitteh (a yungster at 8) has cancer. Tonite she started coffing up blud. She’s lost half her bodyweight, a pound of it in the last day. He’s lawst so much – three dads, his dog, a close friend, all over five years – that this loss would rip him apart – that I would do almost anything for her to pull through for a while longer.

The vet thinks there’s a slight chance she’ll recover enough for surgery and radiation treatment, but that it is only a slim chance. He also thinks that treatment has only a slim chance of working.

I needs eberywun to set their gud energy on hi beems and get Bridget glowing. She hasn’t given up, she’s purring and feisty as ever. I want her to really feel the lubs ob Cheezland and know she’s the energy ob cheezlub to draw on.

Adn iffen she crosses the bridge, well, I wants her to hab rainbows dancing in her whiskers from all the energy. I wants teh nite watchman tew noez dis waz a namazing kitteh. She ressled wib big goggies adn beet tehm. She woz feerless adn supreme.




21 thoughts on “Emurginsee beemz needed

  1. Oh my, emergency beams on ohai for sweet Bridget! Sending prayers, good thoughts and hopeful wishes to you and your stepson JD.

    ((((((((((Bridget, JD’s stepson an JD))))))))))

  2. Sending more emergency beams of good wishes and hopes for Bridget and all the familee from here in New Mexico, too. {{{{{{{{{{Bridget, JD’s stepson and JD}}}}}}}}}}

  3. O! beems furr heeling anna komfort furr kitteh anna stepson!1!!
    ###=====>>>>>{{{{{kitteh anna hurr boi}}}}}<<<<<=====###

  4. check out the FB group – Turmeric Users Group – they are having a LOT of success with a cooked paste you make. https://www.facebook.com/groups/415313751866609/

    I just finished week 5. Doing it for the arthritus pain, but also for overall health – some horses and dogs have been cured. Created by a vet – Doug English – here is his page – http://www.turmericlife.com.au/doug-english-turmeric-for-animals/

    Prayers, love and beems on OHHIGH!!!

  5. Great, strong Beems from my good guy and me. You and your stepson and his dear kitty Bridget are in our thoughts and our hearts. Here are the Beems. (The little “~~~” are purrs and the “>>>” are strength.)
    ~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>~~~>>>Bridget & her Boy.

  6. Bridget – ai’z sending huje beems your way frum my cars 4-way flashers. Dats tu give da enerjy fur you adn a big jolt to pull thru. {{{{{Bridge}}}}} {{{{JD adn step-sun}}}}

  7. Beeming adn prayng adn holding yu up – JD, Stepson, adn Bridget. =========== ❤ ============== ❤ =============== ❤ ============ ❤

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