More sad nooz

Dis am frum KittehRoo.

It haz bene a berry sad week fur the cheezies – we herd tudai that booksncats (real name Deborah Beier) losted her long battlol wif the pleh cansir today.

Such a sadness in cheezland…


7 thoughts on “More sad nooz

  1. Sew sew sad. 😦

    Wun ob mah ownline frens also losst her battil wiff teh pleh cansir yesstirday. Ai new her frum anudder forum juss lyk dis wun dat wii startid ober ten yeers ago. 😦

  2. Such sad nooz. Beams and condolences to the fambly of booksncats. Rest in peace, Deborah. {{{{{booksncats fambly an dfrens}}}}}

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