Latest frum KCTailkinker

Dis landed in mai emayo frum KCT:


Hadz cansir in 2014.  Beet it.
Got brest cansir now. Nawt good. Will see da Dr. Tiny Cat Sirgen.
Pyewacket iz taking care of KCT.

14 thoughts on “Latest frum KCTailkinker

  1. I’m sorry {{{{KCT}}}}
    Beet brest cancer 15 years ago,uturen cancer ’bout 10 years ago,stage 4 colon cancer in remission for 6 years… I’m throwing you a rope with knots from the other side — ————*—–***** Hang on!

  2. Hi KCT, nawt been in touch for ages, I’m Geniecat from old Cheezland. So sorry to hear your news, sending lots of good karma, bright shiny beems and strength from the south of Africa.

  3. Oh, dear, KCT, ai am so sorry to hearing this nooz! Mai 89 year old aunt beet brest cancer over 30 years ago, but ai noze ebry pay shunt is diffrent. Sending many healing beeeeems down da ohai way I-sebbenty to you! {{{{{KCT}}}}}

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