Beemz Needed fur Tikky Tak

Deer CheezFrendz,
Owr deer frend TikkyTac haz been admitted intu teh horspittal in Atlanta wif blud clotz in hur knee adn lung.  Shii iz hazzing a ruff go ob fings rite nao, butt shii ams in berry gudgud care.  Shii’s currently in ICU.  Howebber, shii iz sposed tu b moving intu a rume at some point tuday, according tu owr CheezFrend CB (Casey&Bette) hoo iz dere wif hur.
Awl beemz wood b appreciated.  Tikky adds sew mutch joy adn wisdom tu owr lives, wii need hur on teh mend!!

19 thoughts on “Beemz Needed fur Tikky Tak

  1. ((((((((Tikky)))))))))) Get well noa! We needing u in awer libes fur ur witt adn wizdum adn lubs adn talents!

  2. Lotsa beems fur TT. **********—–>>>>> Get well soonish.
    CB: Glad you culd make it down to halp TT adn hur kittehs.

  3. Get beddor wiffakwikness, TIkky!! Wii need yew!

  4. {{{{Tikky Tac}}}} CC commands! BLOOD CLOTS DISSOLVE!1!!! ###===>>>Beems furr CC’s commandment fullfillment<<<===###

  5. Tikky, Dearest friend of mine, I’m sending you beautiful, beautiful beems that were flown thru the stained glass windows of great cathedrals to make them warm and colorful and filled with serenity and joy. On their way they got soaked in nearly-celestial musics from great cathedral organs that pealed your favorite classics into the awesome acoustics of the ancient sanctuaries through which the bright beems passed. I have a never-ending spool of beems and will keep unwinding them and sending them on their way. They’ll arrive filled with all of the colors and music that are your favorites and will wrap you in love and healing and make a shawl to warm your shoulders and drape to cover you in their silkiness of being loved and healed.

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