Punkin Haz Gone tu deh Medow

PJ (pajammas) sez dat hur belubbed kitteh, Punkin, haz goned to deh Medow after 20 years uv luv.  Punkin, who wuz nearly 20 yrs old, had quit eeting  and hur weight had dropped to about 4 pounds. PJ had been giving her as much milk as she wanted. It’s her fave. Dis morning PJ sed dat she had quit milk, and wuz just following hur, wimpering.

So shii tooked Punkin tu deh vet this afternoon.

Punkin died. She went from bad to worse at the vets office. The vet went from drawing blood to she is comotose. We brought her home. Dr. assured us she wasn’t suffering. She died a few minutes ago right next to me.


24 thoughts on “Punkin Haz Gone tu deh Medow

  1. oh PJ, I am so sorry. I am glad you were able to be with her all the way to the end. What a wonderful friend, and what wonderful memories you will have of her. My eyes are leaking for you. Much hugs and love your way.

  2. O Peej, whut a dark day in yur life. Butt bless yu fur awl da lub an spoiling yu dun fur liddol Punkin fur 20 yeerz. Mai aiz leek fur yu.

    {{{{{{{PJ an hur Punkin}}}}}}}}}

  3. Oh, ai am sew sawree to heer abawt ur belubbed furbebbeh. U had twennie greated yeers tugedder, adn shee wil awlways be wiff u, furebber and ebber. Dats wat friens am fur. ((((PJ n Punkin))))

  4. ((((Peej)))) I’m sew sew sawry abowt Punkin. I gno hao bery mushly yew lubbed her. I’m just glad dat yoo gawt tu bii wif her at hoam tu halp bravely usher her ober tu teh meadow, where she can now frolick and play wif awl teh other furbebbehs and drink tu her hart’s content frum da milk fowntain.

  5. Thankyou, cween, for the luvlee obituary.
    I can really feel the love and kindness in everyone’s thoughts and words. It helps more than you’ll know.
    I’m going to curl up into a ball for awhile…….Thanks again everyone.

  6. pj!
    Ai kno yewr heart iz borkt. Punkin had a wunnerful forebber hoam wif a lubbing mama adn papa. Yew gave hur lubbs adn security rite tu teh berry end, may CC bless yew awl.
    {{{{{{{{pj adn Mrpj}}}}}}}}

  7. Ai has a big sadness fur yew, PJ. Butt (!) Ai alsew haz a glad yew wuz able to be there furr your belubbed kitteh right at teh end wen she needed yew teh most. Sleep soundly, little one.

  8. Dearest PJ, i’m very sorry for your loss of your sweetie girl ♡Punkin♡. *hugs*

    Ahm preddy sure mai obnp lubby dubby boi Punkin am gonna greeting missy Punkin and hedbonking hur and baff hur akoz himz berry fekshinnut and maturnal that way. Then they’ll play fun stompy running & running games, nom meatbawls, and curl up tugedder n play twister while asleaps. Baysay and hur babies wiwl come and gibb hur tiny skwirrlie kisses… while sheez sayflee asleep! And den mai boi Punkin wiwl hug dem awl tugaffur, akoz himz lubbs awl gurls and finks dey am kyoot.

  9. Oh Pj ai iz sew bery sorree. Ai just keep finking abowt Punkin an hur pan….mayks mai eis leek.

    Go well sweet Punkin, yew were sew bery lubbed, hedbonk teh orijinal Spot and Star fur mii okay?


  10. oh, mai goodnesss…such a lot of sad. Please know that mai belubbed Miss Bonny, whom I had to halp obber teh Bridge 2 weeks ago, is waiting to show deer liddlol Punkin awl teh bestest spots to lay in teh sunshyne. Hur wood has been 20 yeers owld awn D-Day (June 6th) so teh two owld ladiees can keeps each otter companee.
    (hands a shamwow thru teh innertoobs to PJ)
    heer….Ai has been using deez a lawt latelee…Ai hasa plentee uv dem to share….
    wif manny hugs and sharing yur sads…..

  11. Oh, PJ, I just saw this – I’m so sorry. It’s so hard, I know; I lost my Junebug last year. I’m glad it wasn’t protracted so she didn’t have to suffer. Sending you lots of healing, comforting beems, and several quarts of deluxe ice cream in case you need it.


    (Itz JuneyB – having trubble logging in)

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