Out uv deh Darknessess

Dis am frum KittyRoo:
Deer frends, it’s dat time of year agin!

Aiz going to walk in Joon (wif mai sistercats) in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Dis year specially I am honoring 3kittehsownme, who had a sad and tukking too many pills, but luckily wuz sabed bai frends on the Book of Fayces (wun uv hoom wuz me) who herd her crai fur helps, and wun noo her address and sented a Care Team for a wellness check. *whew* She am doing well nao, yay!

Dis am wut ai postified on my page, wif a pixor of last year’s shirt:

The Story in the Stars

Each star on my shirt represents a person whose live has been touched by suicide. Some have committed suicide, such as the young gentleman pictured on the lower right – the son of a long-distance friend, his memory lives on in an internet community as The Night Watchman, a guardian in the dark hours, since he could not bear to see another day.

Some have lost loved ones to suicide, some have attempted it themselves, some are living with depression or other mental illnesses.

I am honored to ensure that every person represented is loved and remembered. The Overnight Walk helps us bring light into a dark place.

This year my sisters and I will be walking in NYC, my 5th and their 3rd, to help spread awareness and gather support.

Ifn u wud like to donating, u kin do so heer:


Hugs n’schmoos,
Anne (KittyRoo)


7 thoughts on “Out uv deh Darknessess

  1. Kittyroo: My much-beloved younger brother killed himself on March 7, 1988. Not a day has gone by since that I’ve not thought of him. I don’t cry every day – but I did for many years. It is a pain that never leaves and you are brave and kind to help. Thank you.

  2. Fankyoo, KittyRoo. Ai sended yu a munnie last yeer, but Ai hasa sad that Ai hasa poor dis yeer and can nawt pledge fur yur walk, but Ai will be wif yu in spirit.
    Mai husbear Randy took his life and it is with me every single moment of my life since then….it will be 17 years this July 27th, and it’s still an open wound.
    Yu are doon a wunnerful fing. May CC bless yu fur it!!

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