KittyRoo am awl set tu Walk

It am almost time fur deh Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  KittyRoo will b walking in memory uv deh Nite Watchman and too many uzzers hoo nebber made it out uv deh darknesses.

KR sez:

Only free moar days until the Overnight walk – ai hazzan excited!!   still needs 73 munnies tu reaching the minimum goal… ai hazza hopeful!

Plz to halping hur reech hur goal  by donating a munnee or twu:


4 thoughts on “KittyRoo am awl set tu Walk

  1. kittyroo!
    Fanksyew for honoring teh memory ob teh Night Watchman adn participating in dis event tu halp sew many ovver peepz.
    ❤ {{{{{{{{kittyroo}}}}}}}}

  2. Fankees ebberyandbuddy! wif ur helps ai haz nawt onlee reeched the minimum gole but mai stretch gole alsotooaswell!!
    Tumorro am the walk – ai hazza reddee!

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