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Update #10

Final posting


We have two little boys to do yet, LB and BB, and then we will be done. We are down to 9 finally, and three of them are older cats, so we have decided to stop taking in strays. We will continue to feed the ferals, but enough is enough- we have been doing this since 1985, and are simply getting to the point where it is not feasible.

I will be shutting this site down as of March 3, since payout is on the 1st of each month. I only need $150 more, to get both boys neutered and get them their shots. I will cover the rest of the shots for everyone else from now on.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your help. Without you, we could not have neutered and spayed as many as we did, and we certainly could not have found the homes we found for so many healthy cats and kittens. We hope to perhaps find homes for LB and BB yet, but if not, they will have a good home here, brothers with Tigger, Mama, Ringo, Jasmine, Missy, Bubba and Junior, with Mia and Cali watching them out the window.

Everyone has made it through the winter with flying colors, and is healthy and well, so know that every little bit that anyone gave was a heaven sent miracle for these furbabies. All we ask is just a few dollars more, to finish the job, and then we can just continue on, taking care of these babies, and let someone else take up the job.

Bless each and every one of you for what you have done so far. You are all angels in our book!

Love, MamaCat and Mo, Cali, Mia, Mama, Tigger, Ringo, Jasmine, Missy, Bubba, Junior, LB, BB and the ferals.

3 thoughts on “Latest frum Four Winds Sanctuary

  1. I must comment that cheezpeeps are the bestest peeps in the entire world. So far we not only have enough to do BB and LB, but we also have extra, which will be going to help our elderly neighbors, Eric and Vera, with their job of getting the cats taken care of. They would like to move to town, and the neighbors have all been trying to take care of the ferals Vera feeds, but we can only do a few at a time, and this extra money will enable us to get them very close to their goal of having all the fur babies taken care of, and they being able to finally get to town. Thank you to the biggest donor, I won’t name names, she knows who she is, but omg, she is an angel on earth, just so you know you have one among you! Thank you to all who have donated, now and in the past, you are all angels in our book!
    MamaCat, Mo, Mia, Cali, Mama, Tigger, Ringo, Jasmine, Missy, Bubba, Junior, LB, BB and the ferals

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