KittyRoo Walkz June 17

I iz so proud of Kitty Roo! Shii iz walking again tu raise munnees to halp prevent suicide.   Depression am a serious illness and it haz serious consequences if it am nawt treated.  If you am suffering, please speak up and seek halps.  Kitty Roo sez:

My 6th Overnight walk – this time in Washington, DC.

This has been a very difficult year for many people, especially those already marginalized by race, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and hugging in person a lovely lady who I, with other online friends, was able to help through a very tough night, and someone who knew where she lived got police to send a wellness team who took her to the hospital.   So glad she is still with us, and thriving.

Please support me as I honor the ones on the fringe, who are already suffering and see the future through a very dark lens, and my friends who struggle with mental illness.

Here shii am starting on wun uv her previous walks.

Roo at Sunset