A Sad Day fur Gunnersmama

Today, our friend gunnersmama must ask their family’s vet to help her Ariel kitty cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She’s survived her ailments these many, many months with little, if any, change to her spunky personality.  But now she’s ready to join frolicky friends in the Meadow.
Ariel has been a member gunnersmama’s & gunnersdad’s family since they purchased their current hoam, complete with abandoned kitty.  Her favorite activities have been hanging out with mom, blowing raspberries at Henry goggeh, and lying on the deck and soaking in the sunnyshines.
Please share beams with their fam.

11 thoughts on “A Sad Day fur Gunnersmama

  1. gm!
    Ai kno yewr heart iz breaking, butt teh lubbs yew share wif yewr belubbed Ariel will not end nao, it will go on forebber. Yew ar gibbing hur teh great gift…halping hur tu teh Bridj. Teh Night Watchman will get hur tu teh Meddow safely.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>gm adn hur Ariel……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh Gunnersmama ai am sew verrie sowrie fore yur sad dai. nevur eezie, even wen thyme. [[[[[[[[[[Gunnersmama an famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Ai hasa shared sad wif yu…. it’s nebber easy, iz it? BEEMS for you, your family and awl hoo lubbed Ariel kitteh! Hur will be in gud companee in teh Meadow….

  4. gm, wii iz hugglolling yew fur awl da lubbs yew gayb da liddol gurl tu eebin setting hur liddol Ariel spirrit phree. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ fur yew,adn Ariel in da byoodifol, sunny meadow.

  5. Ai habs sutsh a sad fur you and your fambly, gm! Menny beeeems of condololents to you all.
    {{{{{{{{{{Gunnarsmama, Gunnersdad adn Ariel Kitteh}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Gunnersmama, ai iz sew sorree tew heer bowt yur littel wun, Ariel, an her needin tew go tew teh rayne bow brij. Mai hart aykes fur yur lahss. Ai wil be prayin fur kumfert tew dee send ahn yew an yur fambly..

  7. Oh, gm, I haz such a sad for you and fambly.
    We haz awl bin dere.. lubbing and loozing our furbabiez. Bless you for bean tehre, to haz giben her a gud life and to halping her cross to the medow ware the Night Watchman will
    hab gnu toys and frenz for her to playing wif♡
    (((gm & fambly)))

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