20 thoughts on “More Sadness from MamaCat

  1. Oh, MamaCat, that is simply too, too much sorrow for one person to bear at one time! How utterly heartbreaking! I cannot imagine your pain. I hope that your remaining family and local friends can surround you with loving arms and shared memories to bring you comfort in your grief. {{{{{{{{{{MamaCat}}}}}}}}}

  2. MamaCat!
    AI’m sewsew sorry for yewr loss, adn yewr breaking heart.

  3. MamaCat – everything I have tried to write just seem too trite and inadequate at such a time as this. I am so dreadfully sorry goes without saying – you are in my thoughts

  4. MamaCat, I haven’t been on here for some time but I wanted to send you hugs and prayers. I’m so very sorry about the loss of your husband and your mom.

  5. MamaCat: That news is an awful double whammy. It’s hard for me to think of words of comfort and solace. Just know that all of us are holding you in our hearts. We cry with you. {{{{{{{{{{MamaCat}}}}}}}}}}

  6. OMCC, what everyone else has said, no words, just Beems, constant high-energy beems heading towards N. Illinois for you.
    I’m so sorry…..

  7. O, MamaKitteh, ai nawt can haz werds tu ekspress hao borkt mai hart am fur yoo. Plz tu aksept awl mai lubs, adn mai deepdeepdeep sorrow ober teh grate losses ub yur deer Hubcat adn yur deer Momcat. Ai simplee can’t imajin yur pane. O, hao ai wish ai culd hold yoo adn comfurt yoo. Plz tu aksept dis meeger hug… {{{{{{{MamaKitteh}}}}}}} ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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