Emo Goes tu deh Rainbow Bridge

Dis sad nooz comes tu us from JD.

The grate kitteh poet Emo, awfur ob teh toona pome posted sum thyme back, has run off wib teh Nite Watchman.

She had been ill for a while, thyroid, and went peacefully to sleep without assistance just as a thunderstorm finished. Ifinkso that she spotted toona in the rayne and slipped out of her body to go hunt them. She was estimatified at 14, but she may have been older – she’d been a barn cat for over half that and had lost an eye in her adventures as such. That’s why the farm wanted her to be in a regular home.

Her main contributions as a family cat included being a complete and utter ditz, poet laureate and keyboard player.

8 thoughts on “Emo Goes tu deh Rainbow Bridge

  1. JD, so very sorry for your loss. Emo was an inspiration and I know he will be missed. You gave him a great life with love and comfort. He joins all of our lost ones in peace and tranquility in Mu meadow♡♡♡

  2. Thankee tew eberywun who has postified here. I really appreciate it sew very much. Iffen anyone wishes to post enny pomes, I will print dem out and place dem negst tew her memorial stone for visiting cats to read.

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