A message from JD

I obtained a cat from a no-kill shelter maybe a year or two ago. I’ve developed something of a phobia of this, as I form close attachments only to discover the young healthy cat they claimed they’d offered was in fact positively ancient and dying from something terrible.

Well, my precious “four year old and shy” Mozart has now been diagnosed as actually being fifteen with a probably terminal combination of liver and thyroid disorders.

The best I can hope is that the repeatedly abandoned Mozart (he has been returned to the shelter many times) has finally had some comfort in his final years. I can only hope he doesn’t feel like he’s been failed.

It hurts that shelters feel that it’s ok to lie about a cat’s age or health. I would probably have adopted him anyway, but had a totally different approach. This isn’t the first time I’ve been lied to. It hurts. Each time it hurts worse. Few vets can confuse 4 with 15, or shyness with the start of organ failure.

Please can people send beams to Mozart, let him know I tried my best and that I wish I could turn the hurt to joy.

11 thoughts on “A message from JD

  1. Oh, Mozart, don’t feel sad or fearful. JD has done what was needed for you in giving you a forever home as long as you need it. The love a human parent gives a fur beebeh is the best kind, no matter the age, health, or anything else. It’s been a hard ride for you Mozart that’s true, but just think about the love you feel now and the happyness that is finally all yours for as long as you have paws on this earth. We humans are fallible it’s true, but we do try to do what’s right more times than not. You’ve succeeded beyond your wildest dreams in finally finding the just right human to share your remaining time with. {{{{{Mozart}}}}} {{{{{JD}}}}}

  2. Oh, Mozart, you have landed with a kind and caring human at this point in your life, one that will continue on with you until the end, and will help you with that, if needed, with love and tears. I’m sorry it took so long to find your human, but am so glad you finally did. Please believe me when I tell you that there are more of us like JD than the unkind stuppy kind you have had before. Know that our love comes to you for as long as you decide to stay on this side of the bridge. {{{{{{{{{Mozart and JD}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Many many years ago… when I was a Scout Leader we had a group of children from Chernobyl come to Perth Australia to spend a month here in our good air,sun and healthy environment… apparently according to the Doctors for every one day they had of good food, good healthy air, love and fun times they gained a year of Life…
    perhaps Mozart will live a lot longer now he is somewhere full of love and cuddles and good stuff… and at least when he crosses he will cross knowing he was loved… and you are a ‘ Rescuer’ and we all know that for every animal rescued Bast let’s several unloved sad souls to cross over into the Meadow… you are an Angel

  4. O….JD!! Ai kno yew must b heartbroken knowing teh prognosis ob yewr Mozart! Ai guess dey figured ifn dey told teh truf dat hii woodn’t get adopted. Adn dere yew are, reddy wif a full lifetime ob lubbs adn companionship, adn haz it b cut sew short. Ai kno yew wood haz lubbed him anyway, butt yewr heart wood haz been prepared. Dere’s a speshul circle ob hell for doze peepolz hoo lied tu yew, adn speshul playce across teh Brij for yew adn yewr belubbed Mozart.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{JD adn Mozart}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. Deer Mozart, Beems of peace and a painless future, my frend yu have endid yur lyfe inn teh best uf kare, JD sew sorrie yu waz lyed tew, beems of strength tew yu {{{JD an Mozart}}}

  6. Thank you to everyone. The same thing happened with Catherine cat, some time back. Please, I hope all of you give your cats an extra hug tonight.

    It makes me wary of cat shelters and people, and it distresses me I won’t have the chance to heal Mozart’s trauma. Yet we all know that when you’re supposed to find a cat, the cat will find you. They know.

    Maybe Mozart found me, knowing I could be trusted after all the troubles he’d had. Maybe he’ll find a way to tell me.

    In the meantime, I suggest a week of hug-a-cat to let them know we are there for them.

  7. BEEMS for Mozart and hims hyoomins….
    Ai resqued mai Murphy and him wuz 16 when Ai gotted him. Difference being, Ai wuz towd how old he wuz at teh time of resque, not fibbed to as JD was.
    Ai finks Mozart was sent to yu to lub…. Cherish the time you do have with each other, and open your heart to another needy kitteh when that time comes. You have done an exceptionally good deed, JD, don’t ever think otherwise!
    trust teh owld turtlol, she nose deez fings……

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