Good News from Scotland

JD sendings us dis info adn link to sum kewty-piez.


Some good news for once. Some Scottish wildcat kittens were recorded recently. This is an incredibly rare breed, maybe a hundred left in the wild – some estimates say less. So these kittens are vitally important.

4 thoughts on “Good News from Scotland

  1. dat am gud gnus, butt….butt… how can dey tells tehy am teh wyld wuns? Tehy luk lyk sum kitns dat libs in teh allee behind teh Skipper’s howse….
    Ai noe nuffin about deez wyld ktns in Skawtland.. Ai onlee noes Scottish Fold kittehs like mai Mr. Murphy MacToffee!!!

    • In part because of teh M. Iz rare inna domesh… dumess… pet. Much more common in wyld kittehs.

      In part from size. Dey be bigger dan pets.

      In part, from teh ringed bushy taylol.

      Butt only way to be shore is wib DNA.

  2. I watched a documentary on them….and they are worried that there may be less than 30 total cats remaining…..dis gibs me a sad. They are amazing animals and need to be saved from extinction.

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