MuggleMary in Bad Shape

Ohai Cheezee Frenz,

Our MuggleMary am in a bad way and need our halp.  Shii writes:

I’m currently experiencing a huge amount of trauma, physical and financial.


At the end of Nov. I fell and had a pretty bad head injury. I’ve got TBI (traumatic brain injury ) and am out of money. I hate to come begging from my friends, I’d really rather do anything but. I’m in dire straits. I’m on Medicare, but they don’t pay for everything, and my medical bills this year have drained all my accounts. Besides trying to heal from my fall, I’m having to learn to deal with diminished energy and emotions that make no sense at all. I’m so sad 😞 over this that it’s hard to rest and all I do is fret.

I know that other Cheezfrenz have been fortunate to receive help from fellow Cheezfrenz. Anything would help me, and I’m devastated to even ask.

I have $30 in my checking, $30 in my savings and $22 cash. SSI doesn’t arrive till the 15th.

Tomorrow (Jan 4) one of my sainted friends is taking me to get cat food and that’ll take care of my checking account till the 15th.

Please, please help me. I don’t know what to do.

Many Schmoooz to all my friends and I miss and love you all.



Mary Sethre


U kin send beemz to hur in Minnesota.  If u kin halp hur financially, u kin use paypal and hur emayo addy tu send hur a munny or twu.