Janet passed away from cancer last night.  Shii was a great lady and lubbed awl deh Cheezpeepz berry muchly.  Shii wuzz deh originator of deh Nawty Barn, and had many adventures in ICHC back in deh good old dayz.  Shii will b greatly missed by awl who knew hur.

*layz a hyoog bowkay at deh foot uv deh JCH4K statue in deh roundy-bout on JCH4K Boolyvard.*


22 thoughts on “RIP JCH4K

  1. So sad to know JCH4K has crossed the bridge. But so glad I got to meet her at the cween’s big cheezmeet in Red Wing, MN in 2010. Lots of peeps, lots of talk, laught, noms, more talk, many more laughs. JCH4K was a really good teller of tales and stories. There are lots of JCH4K still left in the Cheezland Wiki that many of us put together after DOP changed so drastically. Here’s a link. Enjoy a trip down memory land.

    • OnleeKitteh, we still laff and laff about Janet telling the story of her trip to MN from MI. Somewhere there is a video of her telling part of that story, if I can find it. What a great time we had there, and it was wonderful to meet all the cheezies who attended!

      • Just re-reading comments, and I had forgotten that tale JCH4K told. What a story that was. Didn’t know anyone did a video, but if you find it that would make a great post.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. We has so much fun on ICHC in the past. My condolences to family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Safe journey, good rest my sweet friend

  3. I remember JCH4K from ICHC – always funny and caring. I am more of a lurker than a poster even back then but I always read her posts with great enjoyment. My deep condolences to her family and many friends. She will be sadly missed. xx

  4. I visited Janet on January 9 and we talked some about how she was doing at the nursing home (physical therapy sux but the food there was excellent), but mostly we talked about her kittehs. She had cards and letters from all over the world, from Cheezies and family and friends from her years in Europe, and our Salleh had put many of them up on the wall so she could look at them any time. It was obvious to anyone who came in that Janet was an incredible woman who was loved by all who knew her. And that she loved everyone back. And she loved kittehs.

  5. Iyam devastate.
    JCH4K and I had menneeee IRL advenchoors.
    Seh was Honorary Sister and Antee to all my fambly and we awl lubbed hur wivva feerce!
    We spentid mennee mennee howrs sat in owr jammies rownd mah kitchin tablol talkin and laffin and habbin sutsh grate thymes! Oh teh adbentchoors we had togevver ❤
    I will miss her SO HARD!!!! 😥

  6. Ai is sew sad at heart, but at least she will be wif Pysi now and furebber… hit her very hard to lose her sister.
    We had sum fun tymes tugedder, yesh we did.
    Her troo fren Salleh needs as manny BEEMS as we can muster for her, too.
    Rest peacefully in teh Mu Meadow, mai fren. We’ll meet again….

  7. JCH4K haz bean a piller of the comunitee fore yeerz. Hur legacee will live awn.
    {Graceful bow in front of de fountain}.

  8. Menny, menny beeemz to Janet’s menny lubbed wuns around da whirled, inklooding her hyooman fambly, her kittehs, her thee at rickle colleagues and ob course, alla her cheezfrens, and most espeshly Salleh for all her work on Janet’s place and visiting Janet and making her roomz reflect how much she was lubbed, and to Melissa fur her help in this and enny uvvers who pitched in in their good wurks. ❤ ❤ ❤

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