7 thoughts on “StageHandDan

  1. As I watched the memorial video I was smiling through the tears. SHD was a real ham even as a kidlet. Grew into a very handsome man who I remember well, as BF473 said, from our original playground. He’s sorely missed in this world, but he’s remembered in our hearts. {{{{{SHD family}}}}}

  2. Dan, yu wuz a gud peep. Yule be mist berry hard by awl hoo gotted to noe yu via ICHC and Cheezwhirld dooins.
    Dang. We’ve lost too many Cheezie frens lately……..

  3. *goes around gluing all the cheezfriends to life with icing from one of the brake room cakes*

    Too many dying! Stopitstopitstopit!

    I care about you all deeply, although I only met four in Portland, and you can’t go around dying like this! You’re my best friends in the world, sometimes my only friends, and above all you are all wonderful people

    Natural causes is hereby over 150. Anything less and it’s incredibly sad, especially when it’s for no known reason or dying far too young from cancer.

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