Lungdoc Crosses deh Bridge

More sad news.  Ower frend LungDoc passed April 9, 2019  at deh far too yung age of 68.  Hii leftinged a message dat his wife postinged on Cheezland at where peeps are posting their memorials to him.


3 thoughts on “Lungdoc Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Mai hart is borked at this nooz. Ai can’t finish reading the cawmints on da coupla posts on cheezland and the Buch ob Fayses, becaws of all the peeps who be chopping onions ober dare. 😥 I mostly remember Lungdoc from the old place, as ai havn’t kept up so well with the various new places… But I remember him as a wunnermous, kind gentleman with the bestest sense of hew moor as well as berry smart. The 2 songs he left in the message for Mrs. Dr. Lungoc Fellers to post in Cheezland are exactly the 2 I think of when I remember friends who have left this life. Deepest condolences to Mrs. Lungdoc/Fellers and all his family, friends and colleagues. RIP, dear Lungdoc.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this news. My condolences to his family and heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Lungdoc for taking the time to post his beautiful farewell letter.

    Safe journey, good rest friend

  3. Lungdoc was a cheesepeep with a wonderful sense of humour and I don’t think he ever had a bad word to say about anybody. One of the best and taken too early 😦

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