CongaRats to MamaCat

Mamacat haz had a berry ruff year.  But shii turned it to a positive by writing a book about hur experiences az a new widow.  Shii sez: 

I kan haz an annowncement? mai buk iz naow awn amazon dot com! if ewe go tu amazon dot com and type in ‘Widows Walk, Paula Morhardt’  ewe u will bee findin it! I haz an exciteded!
“I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you. And then I realized… you spent the rest of your life with me. I smile because I know you loved me till the day you went away. And will keep loving me till the day we’re together again.


Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After

12 thoughts on “CongaRats to MamaCat

  1. Huzzah, Mamacat! Dere am nuffin moar redemptive dan takin yoor pain adn werkin it intu sumfin noo adn byootiful. 💖

  2. Haii Mamacat! Conga Rachulashuns awn ur buk!

    Aunt willz bai.

    p.s. sawree fur mai hawribble lolcat. Ai iz bery rustee

  3. congaratshoelaces, Mamacat! Yu shood be prowd, taking a terrible loss and making a pawsitiv impact wif it.
    Ai wood lubs tu reed dis buk. Ai lawst mai husbear too; it will be twenny yeers next month, and it still hurtz like it was last week. But Ai am still heer, putting wun paw in frunt uv teh otter.
    Dis am a Troo Fackt.
    Gud luk wif teh buk!!

    • oh turtlol, i knoe it kan bee hurting fur a lawn tiem, dat iz wut dey tell me. if u git teh buk, i hoep it halps u, dat iz why i writted it, for tu halps peeps.

  4. Ai just red teh nawt-sekkund payjes. Cheezus Twice! Aifinkso ai will get dis fur mai muvver… it haz bin eleben yeers sints mai dadcat passt, butt sumthymes sumfing kinda smaks hur in teh fayse (noe, nawt me LOL) bowt bein an widoe.

    {{{{{{{MamaCat}}}}}}} Menny conga rats awn dis amayzin acheebmint! Ai hoeps it wuz kathartik adn heelin, adn ai hoeps it tuches menny soles. ❤

    • hi SP, yes, it lasts an lasts, an u fink u are gitting ober it, and den, wham! sumfing grabs u and drags u bak to teh awful hoel. if u git if fur ur momcat, i hoeps it halps her, dat iz why i writted it, to halps peeps and der famblees.

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