More Gud Nooz

Deh gud gnuz keeps rolling in.  Dis am frum MuggleMary.  

Lolcat off..
As some of you know, I had a bad fall on Nov. 28 and incurred a TBI (traumatic brain injury)that has made my life very interesting to say the least.
A couple of months ago I received a package 📦 of info from the MN Brain Injury Alliance, and I’m very glad I did! Enclosed was an application to join a study about aftercare for TBI patients…being run by…ready? The World Famous Mayo Clinic!
I got the call a few weeks ago saying I’d been randomly selected to be in the enhanced care group. I had been hoping for this. To have the worst injury of my life be treated by Mayo is something I never even dreamed of!
When I left the hospital and aftercare, and had had a lot of follow up appointments, I still feel like the medical world had tossed me off the dock with a tiny lifeboat.
I didn’t know who to tell about some of my symptoms and felt pretty badly that I couldn’t even figure out who to talk to, and up they popped! Miracle!
My progress has been slow, if not minimal. I still get terrible dizzy spells, and it turns out there’s PT for that, and I shouldn’t still be so dizzy!
I got sent an article about other people losing their sense of smell,and discovered that a lot of people had similar phantom smells like I do ( cat urine and cigarette smoke).
I’m so grateful for all  the help I have received from all of you,
and will pay you back if I get a settlement from the lawsuit.
Hugs and Schmoooz all around!


7 thoughts on “More Gud Nooz

  1. Were you able to get your health insurance benefits straight? I am still available to help you if you need it. I am very happy for you that you are able to get into the support group! I’m sure it will be a great help to you, so that you can understand your symptoms and deal with them the way you should, so you can fully recover! Thanks for the update. I have been thinking of you!

  2. Ai am a Minneapolitan and wud lubs to be able tu halp MuggleMary wiff her stuffs. Since she hazza owiehed ai finks hers cannot drive, sew ef she needs sum shofering, ai offers mai car and drivership. Ef CweenMJ cood forward my personal info she can emao me and we kin gets togevver ef hers wuud lyke.

  3. Mugglemary: Haven’t looked at the Cryer for a while but did read about your fall & TBI. I’m so happy you were able to connect with the Mayo Clinic as a “subject” for the enhanced group. A TBI is a difficult thing to recover from, but with the astonishing advancements I’ve heard about recently there’s lots of improvement for many peeps. It does take time, needing to reconnect brain “things” (just like from a stroke), but you’re in good hands with Mayo. So glad you let us know about the study. Keep us up to date. {{{{{MM}}}}}

  4. Ohai deer MuggleMary!

    Ai nawt knowingd abowt teh awflul fawl, adn ai beez sawree tu heer bowt teh seveer injueree, deer MuggleMary. Iz gud heering bowt teh Mayo(nayz?) Clinik. Sutch xelent docturz!

    Iz xtra gud heering taht yu beez recupericating and therapicating, adn wel enuf tu travil fur the Fanksgiving. Sendifying bestt heeling juju tu yu!

    Happeetayl Thankingsgiving tu awl Cheezpeeps, kittehs adn othur luvd onez.

    Hugz frum calicocoa teh hoomin,
    adn purrrz adn hedbonks frum Calicocoa teh kitteh!

    PS – Ai missing teh Cheezpeeps! Ai komingz bak!!!

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