Fourf uv July Parade

Wii am gonna haz a Fourf uv July Parade on Yesterdaze LOLz!!


Wii will haz:

Pre-Parade Shenanniganz at 1pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Parade at 4 pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Post-Parade Party 7 pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Git ur parade entry reddy and join us at fur sum funz!


A Note

Mamacat wants to let you know ….

For anyone ordering the book, just wanted to let you know this:
All proceeds from the sale of Widows Walk: The Day My World Ended And What Happened After, once all the associated costs have been paid, will be donated to the Stockton Music Boosters at the Stockton Schools, Stockton, IL. My husband loved talking about his time in Chorus and Madrigals when he was in High School, and he always thought it was very important to keep music in the grade schools. The boys and I hope that in some small way, this will help to do that. It will not be a huge amount, this will not be a best seller, but I know every bit helps.
Thank you to our wonderful music teachers at Stockton Schools!
Paula Baysinger Morhardt
Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After