Uppydate frum MuggleMary

U may recall dat MuggleMary had a berry horriblol slip and fall last year.  Today I gotted dis uppydate frum hur.  

Ohai mai leej,

I’m missing all the teepeeps and cheezies. I have all this paperwork from Allina/Aetna, have to get things to my lawyer or Mayo that sometimes overlap, and my poor little brain can only handle one thing at a time.

I’m doing Physical therapy, involving walking backward and forward tossing balls up and down or waving flags in front of me while I walk and move my head back and forth and up and down. I’m also doing speech therapy which isn’t at all what it sounds like. She’s helping me with memory and coping skills.
We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the slip and fall that altered my life, and I’m better. I still can’t smell, I’ve lost some of my hearing, but all the crystals are back where they belong in my ear. Remaining vertigo is due to brain damage, sad to say.sigh.
Will be visiting my brother Rob and his wife Rita for a week during Thanksgiving. They’re in Vancouver, WA and we’re planning on seeing some strange museums and such in Portland. Any Cheezies in that vicinity want to do a mini cheez meet? Not sure at all what itinerary will be once there. Leaving the day before thanksgiving, coming back December 5.
Mush lubz tew awl an ai hoap tew bi on teh innerwebs sometime soon.

3 thoughts on “Uppydate frum MuggleMary

  1. Ohai {{{{MuggleMary}}}}! Ai em glad tu heer yr crystals oar back in playss. Ai hadded teh vertigo a while back. It was horrible! See sorry yu had tu go thru that! Ai hoep yu will find minny heelings and that the brain injury effects get better every day. Sinding yu much cheezlubs!!

  2. {{{{MuggleMary}}}} so glad you are on the mend – slowly going in the right direction xx
    Smelling is often overrated – much hugs

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