Teh Rekwest:

Dis rekwest comes tu us frum calicocoa:

Ohai Cheezpeeps!


(noarmul ingerlish):

Would you like to take part in a “Beta Reader” project? I’m currently writing a children’s book called The Calico Cat With No Name (And Her Five Kittens), and I’m looking for honest critiques of the story and style as it stands, plus subplot suggestions for the book’s sequels. (Cover and closeup image are attached.)

If you’re interested, please post here, and I’ll send you the first 4 chapters. As a token of thanks, I’ll send you a copy of the eBook as soon as it is available (within the next week at most.) The book will also be available as a paperback, and soon as an audiobook too.

I’d also like to mention that a portion of the proceeds from sales of The Calico Cat With No Name (And Her Five Kittens) benefits SNAP Cats (Special Needs Are Precious) – http://www.snapcats.org/, a nonprofit shelter in Santa Rosa that rescues and cares for “special needs” cats and kittens that mainstream shelters consider “unadoptable” (and would euthanize) – and finds them loving, “fur-ever” homes!

Fankees sew mutch,

(and purrs from Calicocoa teh kitteh) –

Rosina (aka calicocoa teh hoomin!)

Rosina Wilson Calico Cat cover (Final)

Rosina Wilson Calico Cat cover (Final) Closeup kitties

Calicocoa IMG_4959