Book by MamaCat

I got this notice  from MamaCat (Paula Morhardt) and I thought I would pass it on.  

November 2020
Hey all, I don’t normally send out mass emails, and I promise not to do it again, but there is a real good deal going on now, and you can help support small authors while helping yourself as well.
All books, including mine, are 10% off on Fox Pointe publishing. Holiday gifts, donate to your local library, or even your local school!                                                        
Please use the following link to pre-order/order my books with a 10% off discount:
This offer is good up to 11:59pm CST on Sunday, November 15th.
Any book (including mine) on that page is eligible for 10% off.
This discount offer is being considered as an ‘Event’ by my publisher which means all proceeds minus a nominal transaction fee for coming through their website, goes directly to me.  They are doing this since our current world situation isn’t giving me the opportunity to attend in-person literary events.
My books will still be available for purchase through the publisher or myself after November 15th.  But if you’d like to save 10% on your book order, now would be a good time to make a purchase.
Thank you for your continued support in my author career.

PS.  If you feel so inclined, sharing this link with your family and friends would be very appreciated.

Thank you much ~
Paula is my new website, and you can order signed books there!

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