Fankz Yew!

Dis am frum TikkyTac, who am overwhelmed wif gratitude:

     Ohai mai deer peeps ov teh Cheez whirrld, dis iz TikkyTac hoo now haz a frunt yard wif NO giant oke tree layin on itz side innit, fanks tu teh unbeeleebabloly jennyrus, wunnerflol peeplols owt dere hoo donaytid munnees tu me, tu reemoovify teh (formerly magniffisent) pore old tree.
     Itz hard to finding teh rite wurds when yu (me) iz oberwhalmified wif grattitood…it am an awkwurd feelin. So many peeps ai du nawt hardly eebin kno, who did dis for me. Fankyu forebber, ebbrywun. Much, much Cheez lubz frum me adn mai kitteh boi Laurie.

Wii did it!!

Great nooz!!!  Sneezee sez, and I kwotes:

So my belubbed peeps, after a yoooooj outpouring uv love adn munnies frum teh Tea adn Cheez community adn a genruss gift by teh FBC congregayshun, we haz surpassed teh $4500 our Tikky needs for hur tree. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

*balterz wiff abandon*

(I invited abandon ober for brunch – he’s a good dancer.)

I cannot telling yu how proud adn moved adn cubbered in admirayshun I yam for ebbry wun uv yu. Fanks yu so much!!!

I want to add my thanks to ebbereewun hoo donated.  Togezzer, wii am awesum adn I lubz eech and ebberrwun uf yoo!!

Tikky sez dat MrTreeRemovifyer am berry bizzy (hurs am nawt deh onlyest tree dat cameded down) and it will b a week or twu before hur tree am awl goned.  But it am such a releef tu know dat it will git dun.  

Thanks agin, mj

CheezPeep Needz Halps


Peeps in Norf America am prolly aware dat sum rilly nasty stroms stomped across deh American Southeast last week.  TikkyTac suffered deh full force uv deh storm and had a HYOOOOG oak tree fall — damaging her roof and fence etc.  It knocked down her electric wires and destroyed her rooftop internet connection.  Thanks to a good neighbor shii has her electricity back, but the AT&T peeps can’t get access tu her roof because uv deh tree.  And of course, deh city wants awl deh downed trees removed, but dey duz nawt do deh removifying if it am on ur property.   Deh tree haz got to go!!

TikkyTac haz contacted MrTreeRemovifyer and teh price for cutup & remove iz $3500 munnees, adn $1000 for teh stump/rootball grinding. Totlol ov $4500 munnees.  Dat am a LOTTA munnies. Now, our Tikky am on a berry limited budget from SSI and shii nawt can haz a LOTTA munnies.  Alsotewaswell, SSI haz berry strange rules about munnies and wii cannot gibbing hur any money or SSI will cut her payments.   Wut tu do??? 

💡 Our good good Cheez frend SneezeeCat haz made arrangingments wif MrTreeRemovifyer to accept payment from her on Tikky’z behalf.  But Sneezee cannot doing dis awl by hurself.   For doze hoo wunt tu halps, Sneezee can receive munnies froo:

  • PayPal: rebekahcadorette@gmail dot com
  • Venmo: @Rebekah-Cadorette
  • Google Pay: rebekahcadorette@gmail dot com
  • Checks: 734 Fillmore St. Port Townsend, WA 98368

Sneezee am a veritablol finanshull institooshun! 

Togezzer wii kin do dis.  If dhere am any extra munnies, dey will b used to halp Tikky wif uzzer much needed home fixing.