Wii did it!!

Great nooz!!!  Sneezee sez, and I kwotes:

So my belubbed peeps, after a yoooooj outpouring uv love adn munnies frum teh Tea adn Cheez community adn a genruss gift by teh FBC congregayshun, we haz surpassed teh $4500 our Tikky needs for hur tree. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

*balterz wiff abandon*

(I invited abandon ober for brunch – he’s a good dancer.)

I cannot telling yu how proud adn moved adn cubbered in admirayshun I yam for ebbry wun uv yu. Fanks yu so much!!!

I want to add my thanks to ebbereewun hoo donated.  Togezzer, wii am awesum adn I lubz eech and ebberrwun uf yoo!!

Tikky sez dat MrTreeRemovifyer am berry bizzy (hurs am nawt deh onlyest tree dat cameded down) and it will b a week or twu before hur tree am awl goned.  But it am such a releef tu know dat it will git dun.  

Thanks agin, mj

4 thoughts on “Wii did it!!

  1. Yay! YAYY!!! \o/
    *balterz wif leeky eyez*
    TeePeepz adn CheezPeepz ar teh ossim!
    Ai am sew grateful tu b a part ob deze lubbing adn compassionate communitez. ❤
    Speshul fanks tu teh FBC community, as well. CC rain blessings upon dem.

  2. Dat iz teh AWSUM!!!!

    Sneezee, if u read dis, mai halp am sumware in teh snaylemayle systim, so dere wil be sum eggstra fer TT…..evenchooalee 🐌 🐌 🐌

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