Kitteh Pome

Dis comes tu us from JD:

Emo Emi, Poit Lawndrette ob Cheezland, rote many pomes. Dis wun iz on lols deemed unflattening, oar intefearing wib fud.
Rebenj Ob Da Kitteh
Kitteh angri at da skreen
Kitteh iz eiber king or kween
Kitteh noez were yore shoos do hide
Kitteh taykes wun foar a ryde
Fru da haus dey will go
Den owt da catflat in da snoe
Ober tew da kompost in da pyle
Stinky stuff will bring a smiol
Choo on dis until dey barf
Den roast da shoo befoar da harf

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