Purr Me Amadeus Mozart

I haz recieved dis sad nooz from JD. I iz sure deh Nite Watchman will taking good care of Purr Me Amadeus Mozart.

I am sowwy to announcify dat my kitteh Purr Me Amadeus Mozart has died. Last night, he slipped into a coma and died. He’d had dementia for some time.
The rescue shelter he came from originally thought him dead when they found him – his fur was so matted and dirty he could barely move, and he was terribly thin.
Even with years of help, he never re-learned how to clean himself and regained only limited mobility. What mattered, though, was that he learned he could be loved.

7 thoughts on “Purr Me Amadeus Mozart

  1. JD – I have just reread how you took in Mozart. You have given him over 4 years of love and kindness. He lived to a good age and probably longer than he would have done without you being there to love and support him. Hold on to that and how although Mozart may have been confused at the end he was not confused as to who cared for him when it mattered.
    with much love

  2. JD yu haz owr sympafies. It am nebber ezey to let luvved wuns go.l Himz waz a kitteh hoo had himz beauty onna insides, for doze hoo cud see it. Yoo saw it well. Menny hugses to yew.

  3. BEEMS and hugs for you on the loss of your buddy…. so sorry to hear this. I had a kitteh wif dementia, and it was tough, but she always knew she was loved, right to the end….

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