Lord Blueberry

JD sendinged mii dis sad nooz.  

By teh thyme this gets postified, Lord Blueberry – CEO of Halfastash Enterprises, makers of invisible racing cars for cats – will have crossed the rainbow bridge.
He is crying constantly, in pain and fear, is suffering from dementia and possibly a cancer.
He will shortly be making his final trip to the vets.
He has always been a noble cat, very dignified except when racing, and it is so sad that he is like this now.
The Nite Watchman will soon take over caring for him, where he will be beyond all his troubles, but it would be greatly appreciated if folks could offer him a final salute, his work in this life now over.

9 thoughts on “Lord Blueberry

  1. JD, my heart goes out to you. Dair lives ar way tuu short. Ai know you gave him teh finest forebber home a racing cat could ever have, adn now you have shared teh final act of love.
    Teh Nite Watchman haz him now.
    >>>>>>>>>>>CCspeed Lord Blueberry……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lord Blueberry lived life to the full and will be missed on the racing circuit. A fine and noble cat worthy of all accolades. Now free to race in the Meadow unsupervised and much loved.
    We salute you Lord Blueberry -race on
    We all feel your loss JD – know you loved and were loved in return
    Tulipcat xxxxx

  3. Mai thots am wiff yew. When we hab luvved a cat, dey live furever in owr harts amd we kan alwais call dem tu mind. Yu will be able tew rememberate teh gud tymes affter a wile, nawt teh sad u am habing. It am hard, but dis be teh prise we pay fur teh lubs we was getting frum teh kitters in our lives.

  4. Run free in teh Meadow, Lord Blooberry…. you’re free now, no fear or pain, just lots of frens and nice places to nap, birds to chase and plenty of kittehs to show yu awl teh gud places to snooze. Miss Bonny will greet yu at teh Bridge!

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