U kin awlso finding moar LOLspeek help at deh LOLspeek Wiki.

BC — Basement Cat (sum peepz think he b deh debil)

BIL — Brother-In-Law

BWOD — Butt Wiggle of Doom/Death

CC — Ceiling Cat (sum peepz think he b a god)

CCC — Cyoot Crash Cart

CHRG(wdoi) — Chikken Hedded Rubber Gluv (wif drawingz on it) Tu see wun klikk heer

DID — Dual IDentity; sum comminterz haz moar dan wun name.  i.e. Maus, Ebil Maus

DOP — Dat Ovver Place (ICHC)

DWDC — Dubblol Wide De-breefing Cart

DIL — Daughter-In-Law

FIL — Father-In-Law

FPG — Flannlolly PJ’d Guy/Gal

FTW — For The Win

GH(wpoi) — Geek Hat (wif propeller on it)

GMTA — Great Mindz Think Alike

HGGHappy Goggie Gogglez; used bai sum peepz az a Splort preventative.

HSRW — Hed Splort Recubbery Ward

IRL — In Real Life

MIL — Mother-In-Law

MUG — Matyoor Useful Guy

NB — Nawty Barn, wair deh YNGz hang owt

NPT — Nil Per Troll (No Feeding deh Trollz) see Don’t Feed deh Trollz

OLU — Old Lady Unnerwarez

OMCC — Oh, Mai Ceiling Cat

OMG — Oh, Mai God

PPPP — (also PP & PP) Portabel Primpering & Preenering Parrlour

RLS — Real Life Syndrome

ROFL — Rolling On the Floor Laffing

ROFLMAO — Rolling On the Floor Laffing Mai A** Off

ROFLPIMP — Rolling On the Floor Laffing Peeing In Mai Pantz

SIL — Sister-In-Law or Son-In-Law

STN — So There, Nyaah!!

TDG — Tastefully Dwessed Guy/gal

TPTB — The Powers That Be

TTI — Teeny Tiny Ingerlund  (England)

VLC — Very Large Canada

WTF —  Wut Teh F**k

XYL — eX-Young Lady (that is, wife) (X-XYL iz ex-wife)

YNG — Young Nekkid Guy/Gal

17 thoughts on “Acronymz

  1. Hai! Am wanting to be on teh map. Dunno how to do it. I’m GrammyOgg on ICHC…
    Pls to get back to me about it.

  2. Otay, so I reesently herd abowt teh DWDC (dubbul wide debreefing cart)
    Howz abowt a meening for IUGPWLPOPPW (nawt shoor I gotted dat rite)
    Plskthxbai. 🙂

  3. Oh, Ai winted an lawgged in, cawse it sayd:
    Please log in to post your comment. [teh wun jus abuv dis]
    belongs to an account you are not currently logged into. or credentials work.

    An Ai cumz bak, an kommint iz alreddy dere. (???)

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