Update from Roofie

Ohai friends!


I received this update from Roofie and am posting it with her permission.


*Hello friends!  *i skweeezul yue!!*
Altho i didn’t see her all day yesterday, i just had mai very own therapy session wif Dr. Baysay.  She reassured me everyfing will be alright.  Mebbeh she had a Spring kleening session wif the babies bekoz she woz piney fresh tudae.  :))
After monitoring aspirin absorption since Tuesday night, mom may be released today to a short term convalescent facilty to continue her psychiatric, nutrional, and internal med diagnosis & care.
So far, i foresee just 72 hours (in this atypical HAWT wevvur, blargh…) to refresh mom’s room, tidy house, hire someone to help me whack her prolific shrubberies, and shneek sum, erm, recyclables out of the house.  :o/
AND am thankful furrit!! 
I can’t thank you all enough for your healing beams fur mawm and kind, soothing words.  I truly feel your beamsie embraceness! ♥♥♥  :)))
Kindly share this greeting of gratitude and hope with other friends.*

Please to continue sending your beams and good thoughts to our friend and her Mom!

Roofie’s Mom needs beams please!

I received this email from our sweet friend Roofie and am posting it with her permission. Please send beams and prayers for Roofie and her Mom!

Hello friends.

May i ask fur beams foar mai mawm?
Tho her body am pretty durn helfee, she am gowing thru a ruff patch and tried to end hur life tunite. Iyam still scarred by two preebeeus incidents in years past that might have been accidents but felt as i du feal now.

Sinss she hazzint bean sew responsibs wif mii deez past kuppla munfs, i hab cawled in teh Big Guns: hur elder & yungur sissurs. And wii am now in teh ER where ifink&hoap&pray shii will bee admitted. Prayers helped her recover frum a wurser patch a foo yeerz bak, sew nao ai cawling awn the A-Team: yue, mai frenz. ♥

Halphalphalp! *runz inn sirkulz inside a still steely calm demeenur*

Ai gibbs purrmishunz foar mai emeow tu bee gibbon tu enneh buddeh hoo might knoe hu tew asking hu might wanna holla at mii direklee.

And wen fings cahming daown, ai can has anudder Baysay Skwirrlie stoaree inbolbing a GNU skwrrlie. Kin yue telling ahm aboyding mai skirrd? *scoots away frum skirrd* 😉


If you would like Roofie’s email you can contact me at my screenname at yahoo.com. Please put your screenname in the subject line so I know it is from a real cheezfrend. As always, thank you for your support!


Sad news….

Dear friends

With great sadness I let you know that I have only recently found out that our friend SparkysMom, AKA Melody passed away in January. Many of you remember her from the hay day of ICHC, after that she was an enthusiastic member of an email group some of us started, to cheer each other’s little victories and provide support in our defeats.

Unfortunately, due to her increasingly bad health it has been some time since our friend was able to use the computer and, more lately, even participate in phone calls. We have continued to send cards and good thoughts and wishes but have had to rely on infrequent updates from Mel’s son as to her health. I am not sure why he did not let us know when Mel left us but I am sure the stress of his mom’s illness and passing was a huge factor.

I remember our sweet friend as a woman filled with love and fun and boundless good humor. She is sadly missed. I will close this post by including a link to a prayer Mel posted, entirely in lolspeak, back in 2010. Fair warning…have your shamwows handy.


Love to all from


kittynovich needs your beams…and maybe a little help

Hello cheezpeeps!

Cheezfriend kittynovich, who has already beaten cancer twice, has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is determined to kick cancer’s butt again. Please send beams and healing thoughts and good wishes.

But…..she is facing a huge financial hardship, for tests, treatment and surgery. Compounding matters is the fact that her husband is ill and unable to work and they currently have no insurance.

Times are tough all over, of course, but if you feel you could help a little please contact me, bluesfan473 at yahoo.com and I can tell you where to send it. Please put your cheezname/kittynovich or something similar in the subject line.

Bless you friends.

Hugs from bluesfan473

Continued beams for Sparkysmom

Ohai cheese peeps! Our good friend Sparkysmom is still under care in the nursing facility. She has hit a few snags along the path of recovery and is understandably blue. She isn’t feeling up to being on line or talking on the phone but if you could find a moment to send her a note or card I know she would appreciate it.  The address is:


Melody Colville

La Palma Nursing Center #9A

1130 West La Palma Ave

Anaheim, CA 92801


Please keep our sweet friend in your thoughts and prayers and drop her a line if you can. Thanks, cheese friends rock!