Fourf uv July Parade

Wii am gonna haz a Fourf uv July Parade on Yesterdaze LOLz!!


Wii will haz:

Pre-Parade Shenanniganz at 1pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Parade at 4 pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Post-Parade Party 7 pm LOLtime (USA Eastern DST)

Git ur parade entry reddy and join us at fur sum funz!



A Note

Mamacat wants to let you know ….

For anyone ordering the book, just wanted to let you know this:
All proceeds from the sale of Widows Walk: The Day My World Ended And What Happened After, once all the associated costs have been paid, will be donated to the Stockton Music Boosters at the Stockton Schools, Stockton, IL. My husband loved talking about his time in Chorus and Madrigals when he was in High School, and he always thought it was very important to keep music in the grade schools. The boys and I hope that in some small way, this will help to do that. It will not be a huge amount, this will not be a best seller, but I know every bit helps.
Thank you to our wonderful music teachers at Stockton Schools!
Paula Baysinger Morhardt
Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After

More Gud Nooz

Deh gud gnuz keeps rolling in.  Dis am frum MuggleMary.  

Lolcat off..
As some of you know, I had a bad fall on Nov. 28 and incurred a TBI (traumatic brain injury)that has made my life very interesting to say the least.
A couple of months ago I received a package 📦 of info from the MN Brain Injury Alliance, and I’m very glad I did! Enclosed was an application to join a study about aftercare for TBI patients…being run by…ready? The World Famous Mayo Clinic!
I got the call a few weeks ago saying I’d been randomly selected to be in the enhanced care group. I had been hoping for this. To have the worst injury of my life be treated by Mayo is something I never even dreamed of!
When I left the hospital and aftercare, and had had a lot of follow up appointments, I still feel like the medical world had tossed me off the dock with a tiny lifeboat.
I didn’t know who to tell about some of my symptoms and felt pretty badly that I couldn’t even figure out who to talk to, and up they popped! Miracle!
My progress has been slow, if not minimal. I still get terrible dizzy spells, and it turns out there’s PT for that, and I shouldn’t still be so dizzy!
I got sent an article about other people losing their sense of smell,and discovered that a lot of people had similar phantom smells like I do ( cat urine and cigarette smoke).
I’m so grateful for all  the help I have received from all of you,
and will pay you back if I get a settlement from the lawsuit.
Hugs and Schmoooz all around!


CongaRats to MamaCat

Mamacat haz had a berry ruff year.  But shii turned it to a positive by writing a book about hur experiences az a new widow.  Shii sez: 

I kan haz an annowncement? mai buk iz naow awn amazon dot com! if ewe go tu amazon dot com and type in ‘Widows Walk, Paula Morhardt’  ewe u will bee findin it! I haz an exciteded!
“I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you. And then I realized… you spent the rest of your life with me. I smile because I know you loved me till the day you went away. And will keep loving me till the day we’re together again.


Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After


Janet passed away from cancer last night.  Shii was a great lady and lubbed awl deh Cheezpeepz berry muchly.  Shii wuzz deh originator of deh Nawty Barn, and had many adventures in ICHC back in deh good old dayz.  Shii will b greatly missed by awl who knew hur.

*layz a hyoog bowkay at deh foot uv deh JCH4K statue in deh roundy-bout on JCH4K Boolyvard.*