Yesterdaze LOLz haz Moved


Whut?? Sir NativeCa66 and deh Flannelettes haz relocated dheir playhowse. Wii am now at instead uv

Whai?? Well, wii wanted to adding Sir NCz fancy emoticons, and sum uzzer guud stuff, so wii haz gotted ower berry own webbysite instead uv deh wordpress hosted wun.

U will still finding ur same frends dhere: Sir NativeCa66, deh Flannelettes (ElsaMama, Tortiemom, Gunnersmama and Cweenmj) adn a whole buncha uzzer familiar names.

Wii am still doing sum renovations and unpakking, but fings am working well. Stop in and saying OHAI!!


Ohai peepz!

I wish tu wunst agin apologize tu awl involved in deh debacle heer and in Cheezland dis past week.  It wuz nebber mai intent tu cause hard feelings.

I haz sed it before and I will say it wunst agin.  If u eber fink a Cheezpeep (dat includes mii) haz deliberately dun sumfing hurtful, fink agin.  I think those hoo truly know mii, knoez dat I wud nawt deliberately set owt to hurt anywun.

But I did hurt peepz and I am truly sorry fur dat.  I hopes dat sumday u kin furgiving mii.



Humor and Guidelines

Now that the dust haz settled frum deh latest fracas, Ifinso I wud like tu haz a discussion about humor and guidelines fur Cheezland. It am a shame that wii haz lost a vital part of ower community because of a misunderstanding about commenting guidelines and wut am funny.

Humor am a berry subjectibe fing. Wut wun person finds funny mite nawt b funny to sumwun else.  F’rinstance, take deh whole Monty Python fing.  I don’t care fur it.  Neber haz.  Duz dat meen dat any and awl references to Monty Python shud b thrown owt becuz dis peep nawt care for it?  Uv korse nawt!   Lotsa peeps enjoy it, and I kin just ignore it.  Likewize, the alfabet lists and deh Mad Libz.  I iz shur nawt ebbree cheezpeep likes dem.  But there am no point taking dem owt uv Cheezland wen deh peepz hoo nawt like dem can ignore dem and dey provide fun fur doze hoo duz like dem.

Ower primary rule haz awlwayz ben Play Nice.  I have taken dat tu mean dat wii nawt cawl ee chudder nawt-nice names.  And nawt b racist or sexist or stuff like dat dhere.  But wii haz awlwayz ben a little racy and sexy.  After awl, wii am humanz.  And fur deh most part wii am adults.  Dhere am a reezin wii haz deh Nawty Barn — and YNGz doing deh ironing am nawt really it!  Wii keepz fingz PG-13 and dat seemz to mii to b about rite — deh yungest commenters wii get am about 12 or 13 yrz old.  I think sexual innuendo haz itz place in Cheezland and I fur wun wud hate tu see a sterilized Cheezland wif no need fur deh Nawty Barn.

What exactly do ​wii meen bai No Politics? I awlwayz took it to mean no discussion of political campaigns and policies. It wuz furst implemented in ICHC wen sum Democrats were making really snarky comments about Sarah Palin and Republicans in general. That made teh conservatives in the group feel very much unwelcome. But it seems that it now meanz no mention of any person of any political perswayshun, dead or alive.   ​I think clarification of this point is important.  Where duz wii draw deh line?  Am TTI’z Royal Fambly considered political?

Duz No Religion mean no preaching and/or prostlitizing; or duz it mean no references to any gods? Wut about Ceiling Cat? iz hii a god? Can wii say OMG or OMCC?  If sumwun am habbing a load uv carp dumped on dem, can sumwun else say “I will pray for yoo”?  Whut about Christmas and deh Pope and Easter and Passover adn Jeezus Kriyst?  iz mention of those religious days and peepz to b censored?  Can wii tell jokes dat start wif “A priest, a nun and a rabbi…”, or mite dat offend sumwun?   Where shud deh line b drawn?

Am awl current events nawt allowed to b mentioned in case it mite b a sensitive topic tu sumwun?  Do wii need a list uv forbidden topics and forbidden words?  Shud comments b edited and/or censored bai deh admin weneber shii seez fit, or only if sumwun complains?

Wut duz u think??  Please comment on dis subject.  Wii haz lost SirNativeCa66, ElsaMama, Gunnersmama and deh Adorablol Smudgie becuz uv missunderstandingz about deh rulez and morés of Cheezland.  I miss deze peepz enormously and don’t want to lose anywun else.

LOLZ needed

 Dhere am no Cheezland wifowt LOLz!!!!  Plz tu halping Prysma.  Shii sez:

Management apologizes for not getting the gallery sorted out – uploading pics with a slow/flaky interwebs connection is an exercise in futility. Working on it.

HAOEBER, the store of lols is dropping BADLY! We’re down to having enough lols by different peeps to cover barely three days before I start at the top of the list again. This means going through lols by those peeps at an extremely accelerated rate, so I’m running out of lols by more and more peeps.

Consistently, fewer come in than are being used. (The archives of previous work on DoP a few peeps have given me access to are making up the difference, and some include a LOT of lols, but even they won’t last forever!)

If you haven’t seen one of yours on teh FP in a week or so, then I’m out of yours. So, like, go make more, already!!!

If you haven’t sent any at all… why not? Give it a try!!! Look at the top of the  page for the How-To on finding pics to caption, and see the Submissions instructions for how and what to send. Have fun with it!!! I use almost everything I’m sent, so your odds of getting the spotlight are excellent!!!

For those who do consistently send in LOLs, or have given me permission to raid their collections on ICHC – THANKS WIF A MUCHNESS!!!

*purrs an hedbonks*

Pet Food Stamps

Aussie Bad Kitty (hoo am reely a berry gud kitty) brought dis program to mai attention.  It am availablol fur rezidentz uv deh US hoo need halpz paying fur deh foodz fur dheir belubbed aminlolz.  I noez dat dhere am menny CheezeePeepz hoo am struggling tu making endz meet.  U duz NAWT have to b on (peeplol) Food Stampz tu kwalify fur deh halpz.   Deh following am copied frum deh  home page.  

The Pet Food Stamps program has been created to fill the void in the United States Food Stamp program which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. In these rough economic times, many pet owners are forced to abandon their beloved pet to the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League or other animal shelters due to the inability to pay for their basic food supply and care. There are over 50 million Americans who currently receive Food Stamps, many with dogs or cats, who simply cannot afford to feed their animals, and these cherished companions are dropped off at animal shelters where they will most likely be put to sleep. A recent New York Times article states that “animal shelters have reported a steep rise in the number of cats and dogs being surrendered as owners face unemployment, home foreclosures, evictions and other financial hardships.” As more families struggle with difficult choices like paying the rent or buying food, some have to choose between keeping their pet and putting food on the table..

The Pet Food Stamps program, due to the generosity of contributors and patrons, are able to eliminate that heart-wrenching decision by making sure these pet owners are given free monthly home delivery of all necessary food supplies to maintain the health and vitality of their pets.

With the continued growth of the Pet Food Stamps program, it is expected in the 4th quarter 2013 to expand into offering free or heavily discounted veterinary care for all qualified program beneficiaries as part of the Pet Food Stamps program.

If you are receiving Food Stamps or are in a low income bracket and would like to apply for Pet Food Stamps, please click HERE. If you would like to help the program by making a secure tax deductible donation, please click HERE. For any questions, comments or corporate sponsorship’s, feel free to contact us HERE.