Tee Room Kerflufflol

Ohai peeps,

Here am a bit more info bowt deh Tee Room kerflufflol fur doze uf u hoo wundered wut wuz going on.  A mysteryman showed up and posted a racist comment.  Hii awlso subscribed to deh blog and “like”ed a few posts.

No wun here shud worry dat i suspected dem uf being deh mystery man.  Hii left electronic footprints dat I could follow and I know dat hii am a 22 yr old undergrad in Michigan hoo sumhow wandered in.   I haz his user name, ISP address, and uzzer clooz dat I haz shared wif Prysma so shii can easily spot him if hii shows up in Cheezland.

I wuz berry unhappy wif WordPress’s Visibility settings.  Wen I did a google search fur Miz Foofytayl, I found a link tu us on anuzzer totally unrelated WP blog.  It wuz in deh automatically generated links section of a food blog linking a “Chocolate Cake day” post frum a year ago!   And I had told WP to “discourage Search engines from  indexing this site.”  They weren’t even honoring their own requests!!!

So now wii am Private.  No wun can get in unless I grant them access.  WP haz a list uv peeps hoo haz ben invited, and a list uv those hoo haz accepted deh invite and/or ben granted access.  Nawt ebbreewun hoo received an invite haz checked in tu deh Tee Room yet.  And fur sum reezin, summa deh peeps I sent an invite to neber got it.  I iz sorry fur dat.  I used deh emayo addyz dat peepz haz entered in dhere comments. If u am a regular tee room commenter and haz nawt received an invite, plze tu let mii know.  I haz nawt deliberately left ennywun owt.  If u go to Miz Foofytaylz and requesst access I will gladly grant it.

Well, I haz prattled on long enuff.  {{{{peeps}}}}


Tee Room Changez

Ohai, Cheezeepeepz!!

Wii haz had a bit uv a kerfluffle in Miz Foofytaylz Tee Room involving an undesirable character.  Deh Tee Room am a speshul place fur Cheezpeepz wif deh mental health issues tu discuss dheir livez and feelingz wifowt feer uv harrassment or ridicule.

It am importent dat deh peeps bof feel safe and b safe.  If dey feel safe, but am nawt reely safe dey am vulnerable tu unexpectd attacks.   If dey am safe, but nawt feel safe, dey suffers deh unnecessary anxiety.  Therfore, I haz made deh Tee Room a “private” blog.

Awl current Tee Room commenters should have received an invite to deh Tee Room.  Any Cheezpeepz  or lurkers am welkkum tu joyning us.  All u haz to do am clik on deh “request Access” button, or emayo mii directly.  I will check ur identity and grant access accordingly.  It am nawt mai intent to lock owt peepz hoo b wanting or needing tu joyn deh TeePeepz.

{{{{{{CheezPeepz & TeePeepz}}}}}

Cheezland Submissions

Important message from Prysma:

Ohai, guys!

Over the holidays, I went through the lol submissions I’ve gotten and cleaned up a bit and rearranged a bit of the sorting and all that kind of stuff. And I noticed something in the process.

The number of submissions I’m getting is dropping. So is the range of different people sending me lols.

We use 42 lols per week (plus 7 caption-me pics pulled from the gallery (and I’m not getting many new gallery pics either) plus 7 I find on Wiki Commons or Flickr). But I doubt I’m getting more than 20 lols coming in a week.

Breakdown of my current supply looks like this right now (with less than a dozen single pics in my email that haven’t been counted, and keep in mind that every day these numbers change, but you get the idea):

50 or more lols each: 3 peeps, who basically cleaned out or gave me permission to clean out their large collection at DOP
21-30 lols: 2 peeps
11-20 lols: 3 peeps
1-10 lols: 12 peeps (some of whom consistently send me one or two at a time)
There are about another 12 or 15 peeps who send me a few lols here and there and could easily be in that 1-10 lols total (and might be, if I checked my email right this minute)

That adds up to slightly over 300 lols, half of them by the same three people. As I said, maybe 20 come in on a good week, and we use 42. You do the math.

I’m trying to keep who has the FP as varied as I can. You might have noticed that lols made from another Cheezpeep’s gallery pics, or one’s own, tend to get the 15:00 and 18:00 spots when traffic is a bit higher, but otherwise I’m trying keep the times varied as well so no one’s lols are always in the same time slot.

But, basically – at the current rate I’m going to run out of lols to post.

If Cheezland is going to continue the way it is, I really need not only more lols, but lols from people who aren’t currently sending me lols.

“But I’m no good at making lols!” I can hear people crying out. I sympathize, I often find it hard, too… but sometimes one just strikes me when I see a pic. There’s nothing to be scared of, this is about the friendliest and most receptive audience in the world. (Hey, CatBurgh, gonna use you as an example – the lols of various inanimate objects, like the froot king, arrived with a note that I probably wouldn’t want to use them. They’ve all been hits. You just never know….) At the top of the Cheezland.org page there’s a file on how to find pics to caption. Info on how to send them in is up there too. You don’t have to have ever made a single comment. We’ve had lurkers send lols before – and sometimes start getting involved as a result, or sometimes not, either is fine.

If you send it, I’ll almost certainly use it. I’m trying very hard to use as many as I can that come in. A few have been rejected as excessively obscure, a few because they made the caretroll in me cringe for either human or animal reasons, a few because they were just impossible to read, but in every case I’ve gone back a couple of times to look again and a few times have decided I shouldn’t have pulled it out of the running. In well over 1000 lols, there are maybe 20 that have been and stay in that category.

There’s one other reason I’ll reject lols: source. I have a folder of over 100 lols that are from questionable sources that I need to check on before I can use them. If you think you should be on the list up there with a lot more, then probably a bunch of yours are in there (just because you have a source doesn’t automatically mean the source is okay with it being used). But that makes very little difference overall, because mostly that’s the same 3 or 4 people, and some coming from each are fine to use. The ones in that folder aren’t rejected, but they ARE in limbo; when I have time I check on a couple through Google’s photo search, but that’s irregular, life being what it is. I’ve made a major exception for pics found on DOP because if I don’t, I might as well close Cheezland down! The source issue has been thrashed out before, I don’t want to get into it again.

Cheezland is By the Cheezpeeps, For the Cheezpeeps. That means ALL the Cheezpeeps. If you’re commenting, lurking, sending lols or gallery pics, whatever, Cheezland is yours. We’ve been here and going strong for five months, let’s keep it that way.

Hello Noo Year!! Hello Noo Lub!!

2012 am gone.  Menny peepz had tu saying dheir final goodbaiz tu dheir belubbed furry babehz last year.  It am awlwayz painful, wether it am deh end of a long life, or a sudden illness dat takes dem away.   And nuffin can replace dem in ower harts.  But dat duzn’t mean wii can’t haz new fur babiez tu lub.    Dhere am thousands uv kittehz adn puppies and catz and goggiez dat b needing fureber homez.  Check wif ur local Humane Society, and vet offices and PetCo and PetsMart stores to find ur noo lub.

I am reposting deh following frum March uv last year.  It makes mai aiz leak, but it am a berry important message.

MamaCat sendinged dis message frum a kitteh tu mii tu b posted heer on deh Cheez Town Cryer. Shii duzn’t know who roted it, but it wuz obviously a well lubbed pet.

Before humans die, they write their last will and testament and give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws I could do the same, this is what I’d give:

.— To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home, my bowl, my cozy bed, my soft pillows and all my toys; the lap, which I loved so much, and the tender loving hands; the hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice which called my name; and I’d will to the sad and scared shelter animal the place I had in my human’s loving heart of which there seemed no bounds.

So when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.” Instead, go find an unloved animal — one whose life has held no joy or hope and give my place to him. This is the only thing I can give – the love I left behind.

Just a little re-arrangeing


I b gonna dew a liddlol freshening up heer on deh Cryer.  If things look wonky for a day or twu, plz tu nawt wurry.  I will b experimenting wif summa deh different themes dat WordPress haz available  and sorting owt summa deh stuffs on the sidebar and deh menu on deh top and stuff like dat dhere.  😀

~~ mj

Support Ur Local Cheezland

Dis b frum deh frunt page uv Cheezland, in case u haz nawt seeinged it.

Okay, here’s the situation:
NOT counting themes or uncaptioned pics, I currently have 330 LOLs waiting to go on the FP.
Sounds like a lot, right?
240 of those are by the same 6 contributors.
Top 12 contributors have sent in a whopping 297 out of 330 LOLs.
I’m trying to make sure that no one person gets the FP too often, but that is becoming srsly difficult.
Those of you in the top 5 or top 12, thank you, I know I’m not the only one who loves you for it! Without you, there wouldn’t be much of a site.
Those of you who aren’t – go check the How-To on finding pics to caption. Go browse through the Gallery. Go retrieve stuff from your profile at DOP. Look at pics of your own furkids and caption them. Whatever. But make LOLs and send them in. No silliness about “I hope this is good enough.” It will be.

Edited to add for comparison: every week there are 56 posts. Of these, 36 are non-theme-day captioned LOLs.

Note frum mj:

PK  am doing an awsum job.  But shii b needing LOLz frum ebbreewun (eben lurkers) to keep deh Cheezland fresh and vibrant.  U kin sending in ur lolz.  Yes, U!!  😎  I knowz u gotz lolz.  😎  And wii wantz tu seeing dem.  Fur info on how tu submit LOLz, check owt deh Submissions page.

Wut Happend?

It haz ben apparent fur sum time dat wut dhe Grated Cheezez want and wut deh peepz uv Cheezland want am twu differnt fingz.

Fur several monthz, ICHC haz ben running dehir sites on bof WP and dheir Beta platform.   Bekuz it wuz so unconducive tu conversationz, deh Beta version wuz deh PLEH!   On Monday, they switched to primarily Beta with an Opt-Out dat wud take u to deh WP version.  On Wednesday, deh Opt-Owt wuz unceremoniously disabled.   Wif only deh Beta platform, Cheezland as wii  know it disappeared.  😦

Fortunately, PrysmaKitteh did nawt want tu see ower belubbed home destroyed.  Shii builded a noo blog dat shii naminged Cheezland.  😀  It am nawt associated in any way shape or form wif ICHC or Facebook.  It am a WordPress blog dat shii runz on hur own domain.  If u goez dhere u will find ur old frendz and awl deh familiar places — deh Ty Booteek, deh nawty barn, deh Princess Mu medow — dhey am awl dhere.  Plz tu kum and joyning us!!  Wii haz cookies!!!  (and LOLz!)