KittyRoo Walks

Dear Cheezfriends,

I am walking in the Overnight again this year – and pleased to be joined by two of my sisters in this wonderful endeavor! We are raising funds to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization that works to raise awareness of suicide risk, promote screening programs, and provide support for survivors of suicide.

I have been honored by your support in past years – would you consider helping again?

You can donate by clicking here

Or if you prefer snail mail you can download an offline form and send with a check (just please note my name in the “participant” line).

Thank YOU!!

KittyRoo (and Katy and Caroline, my beloved sisters)


Note frum mj:  Az menny uv u know, mai boi took himz own life in deh dark uv night, becuz, az hii sed, “I can’t stand to see another day.”  I am honored more than I can say bai KittyRoo’z walk to halp prevent uthers frum following him into deh eternal darkness.  ❤

Howse Warming

Sir NativeCa66, ElsaMama and I (and a few nameless uzzers) haz decided tu resurrect mai old blog Yesterdayz LOLz az a playhowse.   Altho Prysma graciously sed wii could continue playing in Cheezland, wii did nawt want our presence to making hur or anywun else dhere tu feelingz uncomfortablol.

Wii haz spent deh last few daze dusting off deh furniture, clearing owt deh spidey webz, chekking deh lites and plumming, and throwing on a fresh coat uv paint.  Wii haz ordered and reseeved a brandly noo Peeplol-Catchy-Fingy frum Acme (wut kud go rong?).  ElsaMama found a nice faynting couch at a garage sale and had it re-up holstered.  Deh 9 Elebenty folks haz a special teem uv firemenz and wimmenz standing bai just fur us.  Deh Nawty Barn haz been renovated adn now includes a hawt tub.  Deh CCC am fully stocked wif chokklit possumz, zoning regulations, CHRGz, Dukkytayp, 50z bavving capz and chokklit martoonies.  Dhere am still sum tinkering behind deh skeenz being dun, but deh site am up and running.

U am awl invited to come and play wif us.  Wii harbor no hard feelings toward anywun and see no reason peepz cannot play on bof Cheezland and Yesterdaze LOLz wifowt feeling dey am betraying anywun.

End uv Yr Memorial

On Dec 21 Prysma am gonna celebrate deh furry babies wii haz losted dis year.

Shii sez:

It has been suggested to me that we can has a mass tribute / remembering / celebrating day for alla furkids an uvvers we has lostid, an aifinkso we duz on teh Winter Solstice, 21 Desember.

As for teh End-of-Year Memorial… send me a pic or a couple of pics, I hopeso wif something to say. Primarily is intended for those whu crosst teh Bridge this past yeer, but I nawt gonna be all that strict, rly. I are unsure purrzactly hao tu best du it, an that will depend aifinkso on how many I get – a post or tu, teh hole day, a separate album in teh gallery wif links, Idunno but I will duz my best.

Sending submissions uv ur furr babies to wif deh subject line LOLsubs; in deh text tell Prysma dat it am fur deh End uv Yr Memorial so it nawt land in deh regular LOL pile.


Cheezee Awards


Kin I haz ur attentions, plz?

Deh wun yeer Anniberthary am coming and it haz ben proposed dat wii haz Awards, like deh Oscars! Ifinso dey shud b deh Cheezeez!! Sum uv u haz been asking wen deh nommynations will b.

Dhere will b NO nommynations

“Wut?” u ask, “No nommynationz???”

“Yesh,” I sez!

“Why?” u ask.

Fur Twu reezunz.

Wun, Ebbreebuddy in Cheezland am a winner!! Datz rite! Dhere am only winners heer!

Twu, If wii haz NOMMYnayshuns, dey will get eeted. :roll:

Heer am how it will work:

Deh Cheezeez Award Dinner will b on the 6 pm LOL on August 14th.

You Announce deh Catergory and deh winner, wif a link if possiblol.
Like dis:

In deh Category Best Bunway Airlinez LOL, Deh Cheezee goez to *opunz enbelope* Bunway Airlines Flight Simulator by Suburban Prairie!!

Of course, ur Award comment kin b a lot more elaborate dan dat. Deh winners can gib acceptance speeches, and deh crowd kin make comments.

Ennywun kin Award anywun fur ennyfing. U k award peeps, u kin award pun runs, u kin award LOLz, u kin award komments, u kin award ennyfing u wants.