Owt uv deh Darkness


CheezieMeet in DC?

dis am frum deh deer KittyRoo hoo walks fur deh Nite Watchman and others hoo suffer deh ebil depression:

Ohai Cheezies!!!

As you probably already know, I will be in Washington DC for the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk next weekend (may 31- June 3).
Wondering if anyone would like to meet up either Sat lunchtime or mid/late Sunday afternoon for a snack/nibble/chat?   I will be staying near Dupont Circle.

Much Cheezlubs,
KittyRoo (Anne)

Toronto Cheezmeet?

Dis rekwest b frum deh sweet sweet HoneyCakeRabbit:

Ohai mai cween!
I noe it’s still sum thyme to go, butt I will be in Toronto from 15 to 23 June this year. And I would very much love to has a cheezmeet!  I’ll be on a confrins from 16 (evening) to 19, butt after dat, I dusn’t has any plans yet, so I can has all opshuns open.
hugs an schmoooooz,

Mini Cheezmeet

looky heer!!!   Just look hoo am b3ing dhe interstate trabeler!!  itz KCT!!!

Mai Cween,
Der iz a rally at the Worshingtun DC abowt da envyr..ennvi…u knoes abowt da owtdoors and da owl pipeline. KCT iz taking da bus wif a lawta peep dere and will bii dere awn Sunday. Dere KCT and Lolcatburglar will meet foar da nawt-sekkund time and haz a  Cheezmeet. KCT iz habbing a most happytailed eggsitement!!!
Pikchurs and awl abowt it will follor!
To mai deer cween!


Tampa Cheezmeet #4

OOoooooo……. looky wut I fownded in mai inbox dis morning!!  It b frum Catsablanca: 

ANNOWNSINGMINT!!! May Ai haz ur attenshuns pleez!!

Wii can has Tampa Cheezmeet #4 at Big Cat Rescue!!
AmandaKat will b n town adn wantz tu sii teh lions adn tigrrrs adn bearcats oh my adn enne Peeps hoo am abailablol!
Wii am meeting @ BCR at Noon, Wednesday, February 6, tehn going tu nom nom nom some lunches and talk amongst owrselbs.  Bak tu BCR arownd 2ish, register, sign in.  Wii cna browse teh gift shop, sit awn teh patio adn watch big kitteh videos adn talk some moar till teh tour at 3:00.  Wii will b owt ov tehre bai 5:00, adn cna goe tu dinner if ennewunz interested.  Let mii noe if u am interested n joyning us, plskthxbai dansdansdans!

Big Cat Rescue am located at 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625

Click for google map link to Big Cat Rescue



Balentine’z Day

Ohai peeps!!!

Balentine’z Day am coming! (fur u clooless guise, dat am February 14rd)

AND, Balentine’z day am awlso deh six munf annibersary uv Cheezland!!! Wooot!!!

And, Balentine’z day happenz to fawl on a Thurzday which am deh Theme day.

So, I finso wii needz tu do sumfing sillybratory.

Letz hab a ♥ Happy Balentinez/Wii Lubbz Cheezland ♥ Thurzday Theme Day!!!!

Wut shud u do??

Nawt sekkond, u shud make adn submit a LOL filled wif lubz, fur PK to posting on Feb 14rd. (go tohttp://cheezland.org/what-do-i-do/submissions/ fur halps on how tu submit.)

Sekkond, u shud b here on Feb 14th fur deh fun and lubs. Bekuz Cheezpeepz libz awl over deh Whirrld, deh party will last AWL DAY!! Yup, wii gonna party awl day long. More detailz later. (Dat means I hazn’t figgered owt wut awl to do yet — any suggestions?) ♥