GeMeaux Needs Beamz

Sir nativeca66

Ohai eberywun. Sawry I have nawt been able kom play berry mush dis last week. RL wurkity haz been kicking my butt.

Butt…cood I plz get sum beemz for GeMeaux? She had seberal teefers pulled abowt a week ago, and she wuz doing really well. She wuz eeting and playing and taking her meds wiffowt any fuss, and we were just abowt dun wif da meds wen all of a sudden last nite her mama notissed dat her skin sownded liek rice krispies wen you pet her.

So, she slept wif mama, who didn’t sleep, and we took her tu da V.E.T. dis morning, and he said she haz subcutaneous emphysema (air under teh skin), which sownds wurse dan it is, but we still havva wurried abowt her becoz wii don’t gno wot the exact underlying cause is.

V.E.T. said it can be cawzd by a variety of fings frum a simple puncture wound, tu a tear in teh trachea frum da teefer surgery, which he didn’t detect frum her breeving, tu sumfing wrong wif her lungs liek polyps frum infekshun or *gulp* cancer. She is still at da V.E.T. under observayshun and he is taking sum X-Rays to try an find out wot is causing it.


Update: X-Rays were inkonclusiv *gnashes teef*

Doktor seez a “bullet” on or near her lung, but sez it cood be a shadow. Nuffing he can say foar shur caused it frum teh pikshur. In fact, he says it doesn’t look likely to bii teh culprit.

He says dat her chest am full of air and iz certain dat’s where it came frum as opposed to other causes. But in order tu find out foar shur wot eggzaklee is or did cause it, he wood have tu send us tu a speshulist to open her awp and do exploratory procedure, but he is very hesitent to do dat because the trama of dat iz wurse dan any treetment dat cood probably be dun cood tu halp and there’s no guarantee that they would even be able to identify any treetment, so why subjekt her tu teh trama?

He tried to giv encouragment by saying dat often da kittehs just hav an “episode” of somefing dat den resolves itself. He is going to releese sum of teh air and have us monitor her for da condition escalating, but he sez dat it duzzint seem tu bii getting wurse, which it wood bii if teh “episode” wuz still occurring. And, right nao she’s nawt showing any signs of stress and nawt having any trubble breeving or anyfing like dat.

So, either she haz stabilized already and just needs some pampering to recuperate, or else we will have to return tu vet if/when it gets wurse so that he can provide her wif physical releef and keep her comfortablol until wii have tu make teh hard decision.



Calicocoa Hazza Beeg Sad

Dis 😦 landinged in mai emayoz dis morning. — mj

Ai hazzza *beeg* sad! Mai kitteh cuzzin DJ beeing sik. Him haz teh pleh cansur. Him nawt gunna mayk it. Mai (hoomin) unkl Darryl bee mayking DJ’z fynal daze teh bestest pawsible ~ ~ tellz dj’z stawry.

BuyTehWhey ~ unkl darryl mai heero. him fownded mai mommie fur mee, adn fownded mee fur mai mommie.  unkl darryl.
awlmoast furgot ~ unkl darryl runz teh SNAP Cats org foar teh Speshul Kneads kittehs. Dey haz teh nu t-shurtz adn baysebawl capz ~ Teh munniez goez fur teh SNAP kittehs. Him a heero fur dem tew!
(tawp pic ~ iz cuzzin dj gray kitteh wif himz sistur blanche. hur crost teh raynbow bridj.)
(bawtum pic ~ iz mee n mai baybee cheetuh kitteh.)
Luv n purrz,
Calicocoa (teh kitteh)
(wif calicocoa teh hoomin)

Fikshunkitteh’z Punkin Haz CanSir

fikshunkitteh says:

Byootyfill kitteh kittyroo! Luux liek mai Punkin wen hims was t3h helfy. Wii has a sad…hims has t3h pleh cant sir :’(. Hez had firteen wundermaus yeers wif us adn visa versa, wii red kyood we chudder. Wii be blest.

We has a sad, butt(!) wii hasty merember awl t3h gudgudgud yeers wii shared. Mai eiiz leeks l8ly, butt(!) then I smyl. Wii hazza poyntmint fur Caturday.

Jessie Needz Beemz

Shensara says:

hey peeps…need beemz for Dutchie n Jessie. Jessie says its her time and asked Dutchie for halp. So teh v-e-t is going over to their house in the morning to halp her across the bridge. I only got to spend that one month with her, last year… it only took a halfa second to fall in love with her. She either never realized her size, or didn’t care…all she wanted to do was sit on you can cuddle (and kicked me out of bed near every nite, with her smothering, err cuddling). She found a career late in life, halping autistic peeps, encouraging them in their daily lives. We bonded over cookies (she got goggie biscuits) and that big fierce goggie was ever so gentle taking them from my hand (though she wasn’t above knocking me over to get to the jar). That big puppy made such an impact on me and others she held dear.

Please CC, let Jessie and Dutchie feel your warmth and strength…help Dutchie with this heavy burden and comfort them both. Anom.



Need Advice for Diabetic Kitteh

Benni am wanting sum advice:

Hope you’re doing well? Quick question: Do you know anyone with a kitteh that has diabetes? One of our oldest office cats has just been diagnosed and is taking the treatment very hard and my boss just doesn’t know if he will have the same quality of life or what to do.

His name is Piering (“saucer” in Afrikaans, coz his paws are as big as saucers 🙂 ) and he’s somewhere between 14 & 16 yrs old – my boss found him in 2000, but he was already grown up, so not sure about the age. Interesting note, he’s a polydactyl.

Any advice would be appreciated!