Cats at Four Winds

Dis came intu mai emayoz frum MamaCat: 

Okay gang, here we go- Booger, Frosti, SheeLa, Zebtu, Pippi and Tippi are going in the day before, on November 10, to have their surgeries on Wednesday, November 11!!!!!!! I will have to carry a balance, but the vet office is going to let me do this (I am a good customer, lol) But this means – ALL, EVERY LAST ONE -of the fur kids will be spayed/neutered!! Please, donations now are critical – I can’t get their vaccinations yet, so we need a bit more, PLEASE!!! And please pass this on!!!

Our Facebook page is Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary, to keep up with everyone and see how they are all doing.
Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped with this, I could not have done it without you. One last push, and we will be done!!

YesterdazeLOLz Tekky Nikklol Problemz

U may haz run intu issues accessing and/or commenting on YLOLz deh past few dayz.

SNC sez:

So, I was on the site late tonight and got another “can’t connect to the database” error.  Everything was running fine up until then, and I didn’t see any spike in CPU, memory, processes or I/O.  So, I called the hosting company again in desperation.  This latest support tech confirmed that what the original support person told me Thursday night, that there was a “node” issue with one of their servers, was the real and true issue.   So, it seems all the other efforts I’ve been making have pretty much been in vain.  She was very understanding and gave me an actual ticket number that I can use to follow up on the problem.

Wii am sorry fur deh inconvenience and really appreciate ebbreewun’z patience while dis gets sorted owt.


TortieMom77 haz a noo Shop

  1. HOO sez dat a owld goggie can’t lurn noo trix?!?!?

    Wiffa bow to Elsa_Mama and TeenyKat fur inspiration, tm77 is SEW glad to announce dat she hazza noo website ON ETSY!!! Woot! Woot!

    You can go to and type in my shop name, which is (koff, koff) 77heartlandtreasures (can you stand it?!?) orrrr, I GUESS you can also use this: .

    You night recognize the most recent quiltie wif a tiger stripe backing! YAY!

LOLspeek in deh Nooz

Dis just in frum Muchcat.

Ohai. Ermember that stoodink that was writing a papur abowt lolspeek??  I has just receebed teh folloing emayo frum her. Ai has nawt reeded teh link yet, as been bizzy wiff uzzer koncerns. Howsumebber, ai fot cheeze adn tee peeps wud lyke to see dis.

Lubs, muchcat.
Dear Muchcat,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been in contact with a journalist from The Atlantic Magazine. She has written an article about Internet languages where she mentions Lolspeak and Cheezland. You can find it here: