Teddy crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Dis landinged in mai emayos tuday frum Diamond Kitteh.  mai heart am borking fur hur.

Ohai mai cween, I bear sad tidings. Today we helped Teddy cross the
Bridge. He had a very peaceful death. Here’s the story:

This household was very peaceful yesterday evening and this morning. Last
night I brought Teddy up to my bedroom (where he and his mother, brothers
and sister came when the kittens were about 3 days old); after awhile he
jumped down and went to the top of the stairs, where he lay with Twitch
keeping him company (something she never does). He even batted at his toy
butterfly. This morning we all got up early (again, something that never
happens) and Teddy had some cat milk, then he and I sat on the stoop while
I had my tea. It was a coolish overcast day. After awhile Ted strolled
across the yard and went through a little opening in the cedar hedge and
sat peacefully in his hidey hole for about 15 minutes, then came back to
the stoop. He did this again awhile later, only this time he stopped and
sprayed near the vegetable patch to show those male cats who come around
who is the boss here. Then I gave him some cat treats. He couldn’t smell
them, but once he felt them with his lips on my hand, he eagerly ate them
up; I let him have all he wanted.

Eventually we came inside, he climbed up on the toilet and had a drink,
had some toona joos, then we settled on the floor in the living room. I
brushed him all over (he loved having his belly brushed), him purring all
the while. At 11, when the vet was due to come, Teddy went and hid behind
the couch… My sister, who is a nurse, arrived (through a happy
coincidence), then the vet. Teddy went very peacefully. He protested
slightly to the poke when he got a sedative, then tried to climb off my
lap, but soon relaxed, purring. The vet gave him lots of time to fully
relax. Then a little shaving and poke with an IV, which didn’t cooperate.
Same procedure on the other front leg. Teddy showed no signs of discomfort
through any of this. He was totally relaxed and was gone within 30 seconds
of receiving the IV. My sister stayed for a couple of hours, which was

Teddy is now wrapped in a blanket on my kitchen table. I got to clean his
eyes, the egg yolk off his cheek and the gummy medication build-up from
inside his ears. When I’m ready, I’ll take him over to the vet’s to
arrange for cremation.

Even this morning I was wondering if I should postpone this day, but when
I looked objectively at the situation, I realized it was the right thing
to do for Teddy. He’s free of his nose/sinus problems, weakness and nausea
now, scampering around the Meadow with his brother, Bear, my other heart
kittehs and everyone’s heart kittehs. And the Night Watchman will watch
over him. Be at peace, sweet Teddy, gentlest cat I’ve ever known.

DK/4point5kittehs ❤


CatMad’s Kitteh

I gotted dis in mai emayoz today frum CMWY:

Ai noes it haz been furrever since I’ze been around, butt(!) I had to send mai eldest kitteh boi to teh bridge today and am hurtin sumfin awful.  Between dat an havvin just moobed to Gloucestershire, ai is a lonely adn confuzzled big kitteh.  I wondered if you could ask the wunnerful cheezpeeps to let their bridge kitties and goggies to noes dat Hobbes needs lukkin owt for?

Fangu, mai Cween.

Judi aka CatMadinWestYorkshire(now Gloucestershire?)

Oreo Haz Noo Home

Dis am frum Marmalady

ohai mai qween

wanted to shaer this comment on bookuffayses frum mai fren Sheila that adopted Oreo

“We love Oreo! I’m trying to take a picture of him and go figure this is one of the very few times he hasn’t come when I called!! He really is a sweet kitty. He complains when the girls rough house instead of running away so I guess he’s settling in fine. Thanks for thinking of us and hopefully I get a good picture soon.”

Noo Book — FREE

Lookee wut I gots in mai emayoz!!!

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Dis am frum MamaCat:

O mai leige, i has such sad newz:

Dumped from a car by people who abandoned him, he wandered into our lives one foggy morning in 2009, a little gray ghost in the gray fog, so we named him Casper. We thought he was about four months old. He adored the baby kittens, and took over ‘babysitting’ right away, much to our amazement and the Mama’s joy. Missy would meow and Casper would come running and get in with the babies and she would take off to go hunting and he would cheerfully clean and play with the little ones. At one point he made a trip to the vet, but never seemed to miss what he ‘lost’ that day. He was the Warrior of Four Winds, chasing every stray tomcat away he could, protecting all the litters he possibly could. He loved to cuddle, and always made way for baby kittens learning to eat at the tray. He did not come this morning when I called, and when I went to town I had to stop, pick him up and bring him home. He is buried at the Bast Shrine in the Ritual space. I lined his grave with golden yellow Maple leaves, and coated him in powdered pipestone, the blood of the Mother. The whole gang was there, watching. He leaves behind his foster brothers Ringo, George, Tigger, Junior, PJ, Horus and Sylvester; he also leaves foster sisters Belle, Jasmine, Fluff one, Fluff Two and Fluff Three; foster mamas Missy, Zebby, and Mama; and also foster aunt Princess. He will be sorely missed, and tears have been shed.

 May Bast take you to Her Breast to heal and nurture you mighty warrior, May your new life be filled with all that is good and kind. Bast, treat him well, he served you well and faithfully. Farewell Casper.

Missed muchly by MamaCat an hubbycat tu.

Nooz frum Calico325

Calico325 says:

This little dust-bunny killer reminds me that I need to uppydate my Cheezpeep friends, since I chose to help guide my Twinki to the Rainbow Bridge last month. Unbeknownst to me, the vet I took her to gathered donations at the office, there, and paid for my Heart Kitteh’s cremation, because I had no money. I have a beautifully ornate little box in my living room with Twinki’s name on a golden plate, along with a page reminding me that she waits for me in the Green Meadow, via the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve recently been blessed with a 12-week-old, orange (bnp) bundle of energy who makes my heart laugh again. Little Tadpole (male) brightens both mine, and my hub-cat’s, life continually. CC’s timing couldn’t have been better!